Thoughts about the end of the year

I can’t access my tracking spreadsheets right now so I’m doing this from memory.

I think I made fewer quilts this year than in previous years but I like the ones I made. I made five quilts in my “improv and making do” series, which I’ll be continuing in the new year.

I made a few small quilts as gifts or swaps which were well received. I sold two quilts.

As for my quilt budget, I’m thrilled with having spent only ~140$ this year on fabric and supplies.

And for the personal stuff: for Xmas I made three pairs of flannel pjs, a doll sleeping bag and three doll sleep masks. Over the course of the year add in Hallowe’en costumes, birthday cakes, work cakes, gingerbread houses, Guide badges, and mending clothes, jewellery, and shoes, it’s a lot but in a good way. I have crafted a handmade life for myself.

Happy New Year my friends! I wish you all the best for the year ahead. May your fabric never bleed and your thread never tangle. I hope you find inspiration and productivity with all you undertake. 

Thank you for being here with me this year.

Nicole Hannah


Sunny days and favourite colour.

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