Fussy for Friends

Thanks friends for the good wishes and love on my last post!

A while back I was bored and fiddly and decided to sift through allllll my 2.5″ charm squares looking for fussy cuts, either deliberate or accidental. I found quite a few and was very pleased! I thought maybe I’d eventually make another polaroid quilt.

Last week my friend Kari asked a bunch of us for scraps to make, you guessed it, a polaroid quilt! I knew I could do better than random scraps and took the chance to actually go through my fabrics and fussy cut everything possible, and cut extras for me. Of course.

Net result:


Some 130+ fussy cut squares for Kari, and some 470+ fussy cut squares for me.


Tonight I added my fussy cuts to the rest of my 2.5″ squares and WOW. Wow do I have a lot of squares. Like 5-6K? Oof.

6 thoughts on “Fussy for Friends

  1. Some of those will make an awesome poloroid quilt! I have a stack of I Spy scraps waiting for me to cut them up into my usable sizes. Perhaps it’s time for me to get cutting!


  2. Hi Nicole! I guess you’re going to have to stop cutting for a bit and start using some of those 2.5″ squares. Aren’t any of them calling your name? Make me into something, please?! I love how nice and organized the are. And, I love the idea of a polaroid quilt! ~smile~ Roseanne


  3. That’s quite a collection of squares. I still haven’t done anything with the ones I got in the exchange way back when….. LOL


  4. That scares me! I am winning some of this battle – but still feel like there is too much fabric hanging around. I love seeing all this organization – it really is right up my alley but I have years of catching up to do it!


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