World Quilt Day

was last week, I know, but the world has also been a dumpster fire recently. And I think we both know I have not been the most up-to-date blogger. Ahem.

On world quilt day I hung my roll of batting from the ceiling in my garage, over my longarm. I bought the roll of batting before I knew I was moving the longarm into the garage so it worked out kind of well all around.


You can also juuuust see the top of the quilt loaded on the machine. After my last post (about my beloved 2.5″ squares) Roseanne teased me that I should do something with them. I’ll show you that next time.

Stay well my friends,



3 thoughts on “World Quilt Day

  1. So glad that you have a garage to use at your place. You will spend many creative hours there (even if you have to wear a coat and gloves!)


  2. Hi Nicole! Well, isn’t that handy that now the batting is so, well . . . handy. Yes, I recall that post with all the spiffy 2.5″ squares that were just begging to be used. I can’t wait to see . . . as long as I’m a known nag . . . I hope I don’t have to wait two months more to see what you did! Oh yes, I just called you out since your last post was in January. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


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