Let There Be Light

File under: obvious, Sherlock

Turns out if you swap a 40w bulb for a 100w bulb, you’ll notice a difference. Especially if the bulb puts out 5,000K. That’s operating room bright.

It was a 20$ lightbulb and OF COURSE I’m kicking myself I didn’t do this a year ago.

Sheesh. Some folks are slow on the uptake.

These are the threads for the current quilt. Pic taken at 2100h.

6 thoughts on “Let There Be Light

  1. Hospital room bright! So glad you like your lighting with a brighter bulb.

    We’ve been playing with the lighting in my sewing space (which is also our guest bedroom) and my husband added some lights over my cutting table recently. It’s great, but it does put shadows in some parts of the room. He came into the room one night relatively recently and said, “You know those torture scenes in movies where there is a very, very brightly lit room, usually from one overhead light, and one chair in an otherwise empty room? Do you want lights like that?” To which I responded, “do I want my sewing room to be a torture chamber?!?” We laughed. Operating room is a better way to think about it!


  2. I definitely think I am going blind lately. I can’t see a darn thing in my sewing room. Higher wattage sounds like a good idea since I can’t swap out my eyeballs. HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne


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