About ME!

I’m Nicole. I make quilts. Sometimes I make other things but it’s mostly quilts. I’ve been quilting since 2007.

I live on a tropical island on the west coast of Canada. I spell colour properly/funny, depending on your location. I have two daughters: B, born 2007 and W, born 2011. I co-founded the local branch of the Modern Quilt Guild in 2013 and was president until January 2017.

I don’t have a favourite colour because that would make the other colours jealous. But! Blue and orange; red, orange, hot pink; grey and yellow; rainbows; black and white.

What does handwrought mean? Fashioned by hand or chiefly by hand processes. Synonyms of handwrought are handcrafted or handmade. These are all perfect for the process of making quilts.