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On Reconsidering Fabric

Last week I took it upon myself to resort my fabrics.

Doing so was prompted by my mask making in April. After making some two dozen I realized I had in fact used up some of my fabric. The the pattern I used called for a long strip and a 9″ square, and it was sometimes hard to find a piece of fabric big enough to accommodate both.

When all that was done I sorted what was left. I can’t really claim that a single 6″ square is yardage now can I? Nor a long FQ that’s been cut full of holes from fussy cutting. Yet I had been.

From nine shoeboxes I’m down to seven and a bit. I also culled a bunch of random bits for a guild garage sale someday far in the future.


I’ve been at home since April 7th and my husband quickly insisted on moving my sewing machine table to the garage. To keep the longarm company? Because my machine is old and loud? Whatever. I now have a wee space of my own.


Carolina Chain for Nova Scotia

This just because quilt happened kind of all of a sudden. In January I saw this quilt from Jolene at Blue Elephant Stitches.

Carolina Chain

I liked it and saved the picture. Then I was fiddling around with my 2.5″ squares and was encouraged to just DOOO something with them. I remembered this picture and next thing I knew I was calculating how much background I’d need!

I did use the tutorial from Bonnie Hunter but scaled it up to use 2.5″ squares (the original uses 2″ squares) and redid all the math to calculate yardage and the finished size. Jolene, who made the quilt above, called hers a Carolina Chain but she only used half the blocks. It’s one of those traditional quilts that needs an A and a B block for the pattern to work. Her version looks a lot like an Irish Chain.

But back to me. I made the blocks in a week. Took another week to add the setting triangles and sew the rows together. On point quilts no longer scare me – my skills have developed since my first one eight years ago.


Here’s the one picture I took of the entire process.

I used a long stashed blue on black star wars print and it was the perfect amount for the setting triangles and the binding. The only fabric I bought for this was 4m for backing. Not bad for an 80″ square quilt!



Quilt Stats:

Title: Carolina Chain for Nova Scotia

Lifetime quilt no.: 88

Started: January 21, 2020

Finished: May 4, 2020

Size: 80″x80″

Number of pieces: 1,296

Quilting: curvy pantograph, kinda random choice but it worked

I had made this quilt just for fun, and to use up fabric I had. Then the Maritime MQG put a call out for finished blue and white quilts to gift people involved in the horrible mass murder, so I popped this into the mail. I loved NS when I lived there and am thrilled to be able to send this along.


World Quilt Day

was last week, I know, but the world has also been a dumpster fire recently. And I think we both know I have not been the most up-to-date blogger. Ahem.

On world quilt day I hung my roll of batting from the ceiling in my garage, over my longarm. I bought the roll of batting before I knew I was moving the longarm into the garage so it worked out kind of well all around.


You can also juuuust see the top of the quilt loaded on the machine. After my last post (about my beloved 2.5″ squares) Roseanne teased me that I should do something with them. I’ll show you that next time.

Stay well my friends,



Fussy for Friends

Thanks friends for the good wishes and love on my last post!

A while back I was bored and fiddly and decided to sift through allllll my 2.5″ charm squares looking for fussy cuts, either deliberate or accidental. I found quite a few and was very pleased! I thought maybe I’d eventually make another polaroid quilt.

Last week my friend Kari asked a bunch of us for scraps to make, you guessed it, a polaroid quilt! I knew I could do better than random scraps and took the chance to actually go through my fabrics and fussy cut everything possible, and cut extras for me. Of course.

Net result:


Some 130+ fussy cut squares for Kari, and some 470+ fussy cut squares for me.


Tonight I added my fussy cuts to the rest of my 2.5″ squares and WOW. Wow do I have a lot of squares. Like 5-6K? Oof.