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Day 921

I believe it’s world wide quilting day today.

But it’s been a tough week, in a tough month. So I didn’t sew today.


I did change my needle a few days ago. Then I thought I’d brush out some lint. And since I was brushing out some lint, I just stripped it all down and cleaned it all up. Ready for when I do sew.

I can’t wait.




The apparent black bar at the bottom there is in fact Kona Indigo.

Seventy-nine fabrics are nicely pressed and awaiting both culling and cutting.

Malcolm’s Dragons, a finished quilt

Or dinosaurs, or Godzilla if you’re quite particular. I doubt a newborn baby will be huffy about dragons vs dinosaurs (or even know about Godzilla) at this point.

This quilt was joyous to make and I’m just so thrilled with the results. I hope the new parents like it even half as much as I do.

My theme for this quilt was “navy blue and dragons” which was an excellent starting place.


For the back I used some of my entire bolt of slightly irregular Dr Seuss stripes.


This bit’s for my own interest. In a 30″ square quilt with only nine blocks how many fabrics did I use? Every single bit was scraps or stash, including the batting, backing, and binding. So where did it all come from?

  • guild challenge fabric (from the brand new MQG Riley Blake challenge): 2
  • free from a friend: 1
  • from the scraps of famous quilters: 4 fabrics (from two quilters)
  • birthday fabrics from my sister last year: 2
  • bought new but randomly, ie for no purpose at some point in the past: 3
  • purchased scraps: 3
  • leftovers from previous quilts I made: 12 different quilts!
  • leftovers from previous projects: 4


A thoughtful touch in the centre block: the baby’s initials, fussy cut from an alphabet fabric. The multi coloured dot below it was the lining for my nearly eleven year old’s first coat, made way back in 2008.

IMG_5310 copy

Quilt Stats:

Title: Dragons for Malcom

Lifetime quilt no.: 74

Started: February 22, 2018

Finished: March 2, 2018

Size: 30″x30″

Pattern used: inspired by this pattern from Latifah Saafir (among many other improv log cabins)

Number of pieces: 119

Quilting: straight line walking foot quilting with blue and orange Bottom Line thread from Superior, and a variegated blue 30wt from Sulky in a sort of randomish but totally planned irregular grid.

Binding: sewn to the BACK, then brought to the front and stitched with a 12wt yellow/orange/white/red variegated Aurifil I’ve had forrrrevvvver. Used Cheryl Arkison’s mitred corners technique which is newish to me but I am becoming a convert.


Front of the quilt on the left, back of the quilt with awesome stitching in the ditch on the right.

One last picture:IMG_5336

This was a fast project and was only blogged once during the process.

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Sunday Stash, a whole quilt’s worth

A couple of years ago I won some sort of something from Molli Sparkles; he sent me these seven FQ. I liked them and found them interesting but shelved them.


Last summer I had pulled them out to possibly use on another project. I didn’t, ultimately, but was inspired with another idea.

I pulled co-ordinating fabrics from my stash:


I bought another few fabrics during a sale in the late fall.


I also ordered some 5m of Kona Indigo from Mad About Patchwork:


But I didn’t have enough prints. I asked my friend Gabrielle if I could ask for bits during the “get your quilty wishes filled” on instagram. She talked me out of it, mostly by offering me some of her fabrics.

Gabrielle made me a pseudo jelly roll:


But then she overthought it, and brought me some more fabrics.


If you’re counting, this will add up to at least 12m in the quilt, but since I haven’t cut anything yet it’s just a hell of a lot of fabric that’s all new to me. I had better get a new blade and get cutting!

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