2018 Finish Along, Q2

Out of the 11 projects I ambitiously listed for the first quarter of this year, here are my results.

2018 Finish A Long Logo 2

2 – done!

1 – close!

1 – started!

7 – ZERO progress

Which means it’s time to try again.

This is the nearly-done, just bury threads and bind it already group:

  • my first quilt!
  • blue 15 min X&+
And then in other states of being:
  • This fabric pull is too pretty to abandon though the original project no longer is in play. I have an idea for what to use this for.


  • Napkins for kids. I’ve had the shark goldfish fabric for a while and the alphabet fabric for a very long while. Worn out napkins are on the left. Great fabric though.


  • #Wonkystars2018 swap. I made mine and got these in return. Add sashing, make quilt, finish quilt.
  • Family sewing: Husband’s Christmas pjs and adding some birthday shorts for the newly minted “tween.” no picture for these
  • start and finish this one. I want to longarm it in March May so I need to make another ~40 blocks, etc.


  • Decide what I’m doing with this quilt. Purpose made and now pointless. Might become a cutter quilt. fix and finish binding on Fancy fox
  • Blog my last FOUR finishes. Ugh.
  • Charity quilt for my guild. It’s an epic pull of fabric which is exciting.

That’s eleven probably mostly achievable projects. Come back in a few months to see how I did.

The 2018 FAL is hosted by a community of bloggers across the world. The hosts are:



2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop, week the first

Wow, say that five times fast!


It’s that time of year again when more experienced quilt bloggers give aide and advice to newer quilt bloggers. I participated for the first time in 2016, again in 2017, and this is my last year in the group.

This year’s hosts are

Check out any of their blogs this week to enter for lots of prizes!

Jen is the leader for my smaller breakout group with the catchy name of “Quilt, Blog, Repeat”.

QuiltBlogRepeat Hive

Here are links to the bloggers being featured this week:

Gail http://quiltinggail.wordpress.com

Rachel http://rachelrossi.design/blog

Tracie H. http://www.ricefordstreams.com

Wendy T. http://www.piecefulthoughts.com

Jan http://cocoaquilts.com

Michelle http://www.creativeblonde.co.uk

Terry http://tlcquiltsblog.wordpress.com

April http://jandabendquilts.com/blog


I hope you find some fun new blogs to read. I’ll be featured next week!

Directional Fabrics

can bite me.

In a quilt with sixty-four unique print fabrics quite a few of them are directional. Since I’m strip piecing much of this project I was having some troubles training my brain to deal with those directional prints.

I took the time this morning to make a mock-up block:


Yes, this is wee but I can now clearly see how things get spun around and put upside down and sideways. I can’t recall where this not-so-awesome fish fabric came from but now I have less of it.

This wee block helped me make this terrific poster so that I’ll never get it wrong again.


I will probably make a different mistake instead.



A finished quilt, but not mine own

As you might remember, I co-own a longarm which I get to use every second month. Since I’ve been clearing up old unfinished projects without starting too many new ones I didn’t have anything ready to quilt this past month.

Since my friend Gabrielle has so very generously shared so much of her fabric with me, (see below) I offered to quilt one of her quilts in return.

This was a top she made a few years ago from one of our guild’s monthly block lottos.


And the quilted quilt!



It was loads of fun to quilt for someone else. I look forward to doing it again.