Thoughts About QuiltCon Submissions

In the past month I’ve been beavering away to finish not one! not two! but THREE quilts to submit for QuiltCon. It was pretty much just a reason to donate my money but also to finish some quilts.

I submitted four: one was finished last year, two were finished just for this deadline, and the last quilt was made specifically to submit. I’ll be surprised if any are accepted but I still hope that one day, (shakes fist at sky and Quiltcon jurors), I’ll have a quilt juried in.

I worry that none of them will be good enough, so I don’t want to tell you which ones I submitted. What if you all think “pfff, how can Nicole think those are modern!”? So I hide.

While I wait with bated breath for the verdict I’ve done some tidying up, a fabric pull but no plan for a baby quilt, and a pull and a plan for another new quilt.

Utterly unrelated to any of this except that it too is a quilt:


I quilted this in addition to everything else in November for a new/old friend. 90″x99″, diagonal lines and the thread matched each colour. I lost count of how many thread changes I did but wow, was it worth it.


Logic puzzles

Have you ever done one of those grid based logic puzzles? My quilts this month have been similar.

I had a quilt on display that sold. The buyer wanted it before Christmas, and I wanted to show that quilt at guild meeting yesterday. I needed to refill the empty space on the wall with a new quilt, but that is one I want to submit for Quiltcon and therefore need pictures before it’s put on display.

Somewhat artificial deadlines but the new quilt got finished, photographed, and displayed, the old quilt was shown at guild, and hopefully a buyer will be very happy.

My actual very favourite puzzles are sudoku. Haven’t done grid based puzzles since late elementary? early high? school.

Hannah_Nicole_Photo Album_Full

Goodbye Polaroid! Keep your new owners happy and warm.


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Day 1,164

I went for it anyway. I made the bias binding, using an amazing tutorial from Geta’s Quilting Studio. She has a follow up tutorial which was helpful for using WOF rectangles instead of the typical square.

I pulled out my quilt today to see about attaching this fabulous binding and I’m really glad I’m using a better binding. Nothing wrong with straight grain strips but this quilt is awesome and worth the extra effort. You’ll have to trust me on that. It’s really really stupendous.

I also hit up a sale at my lovely local quilt shop this past week. Once I either finish or not my quilts for Quiltcon I have a baby quilt to make! And then it’s nearly time for the christmas pjs again.


Bottom upwards: flannel for W who’s 7, flannel for B who’s 11.5, backing for baby quilt, binding for baby, and four colours of shot cotton also for the baby quilt.

All this plus today’s mental health day are making me feel like progress just might, maybe, be achievable.

Send help!

Dear reader, please save me from myself.

I have three unfinished quilts I want to submit for QuiltCon by the end of the month yet I am failing to make progress on any of them.

For one of them I need to make bias binding for a very large quilt (~400″ of binding needed). Who can recommend a tutorial and/or a pep talk? Is this one of those things about which I will say afterwards “that wasn’t so bad! what was I afraid of?”?

….ten minutes later….

I just pulled out my trusty quilting book to look through their instructions for bias binding. (I have the info and am not using it. See what I mean? SAVE ME from myself!)


I don’t actually NEED to do a bias binding, I just randomly decided I WANTED to. To try it out since I’ve never done it. But I don’t have to try it on this quilt. Hmmm.

Good chat, thanks!