Sunday Stash, a whole quilt’s worth

A couple of years ago I won some sort of something from Molli Sparkles; he sent me these seven FQ. I liked them and found them interesting but shelved them.


Last summer I had pulled them out to possibly use on another project. I didn’t, ultimately, but was inspired with another idea.

I pulled co-ordinating fabrics from my stash:


I bought another few fabrics during a sale in the late fall.


I also ordered some 5m of Kona Indigo from Mad About Patchwork:


But I didn’t have enough prints. I asked my friend Gabrielle if I could ask for bits during the “get your quilty wishes filled” on instagram. She talked me out of it, mostly by offering me some of her fabrics.

Gabrielle made me a pseudo jelly roll:


But then she overthought it, and brought me some more fabrics.


If you’re counting, this will add up to at least 12m in the quilt, but since I haven’t cut anything yet it’s just a hell of a lot of fabric that’s all new to me. I had better get a new blade and get cutting!

Linking up with the exhausted and fabulous Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash.


In progress, a baby quilt

Friends who are also neighbours of my sister, and whom I’ve known long enough to be casual friends? good acquaintances? had a baby last week. I knew the baby was coming (because really, who is surprised by a baby’s arrival?!) but I procrastinate and I’m busy but I finally got down to it. My sister said I didn’t need to make them a quilt but I was all “pshaw, I’m a quilter and that’s what I do, so step off!*”

I asked for details in the casual way quilters have, and was told:


I have this fabric, given to me by my sister. It was the best of the bunch she gave me for my birthday last year.


These are dragon-esque right?

I did a preliminary fabric pull which was so exciting. I love fabric! All the fabric!


But I calmed down and refined my pull. It is just a baby quilt after all, not a king size quilt.


I started five blocks and was unsure of how to proceed. I love having digital cameras handy to evaluate options.

Option 1 on the left with nine blocks and option 2 on the right, five blocks with rail fence blocks as spacers. 

I had Sunday off so I made four more blocks and was able to complete the top, baste and quilt it. Now I need to do the binding, label it and mail it!

Since this is all scraps, I’m linking up with Quilting is More Fun than Housework!  


*I totally love my sister. I think she was trying to save me some work. I’m excited about having a reason to make a quilt. I hope one day she’ll understand.

MQG Mini swap, a completed quilt

This has been received and appreciated so I can finally share with all of you.

I’ll give you a quick little photo tour of the progress shots but first here is my mini quilt I sent off to Albuquerque NM to a lovely and very accomplished quilter named Jan.


Jan likes water and mountains and hand-dyed fabrics and I was stumped. I had some triangles in solid fabrics leftover from an abandoned project and wondered if I could put them to use.


A preliminary fabric pull.


An expanded fabric pull, taking into account Jan’s hand-dyed colour ombré works.IMG_5146

Skip a few steps along to here:


I quilted the ombré bars first in an orange (top) and a purple thread (bottom). Yes, the bottom thread is purple. A weird, mauve-ish purple that looks brown and purple and blue.


I quilted each triangle differently in matching threads and did straightline quilting in the black bars and pebbles in the centre background.


Don’t look too closely at the binding. Actually, the binding is awesome, as are three fourths of the corners. That last damn corner annoys me because I totally fluffed it.

My absolute fave part is the back. I remember when I bought this fabric the store owner said to me “you certainly aren’t afraid of colour.” No Penny, I am NOT afraid of colour.


Orange thread in the bobbin because I always use different threads top and bottom.


Quilt Stats:

Title: MQG Mini Swap, Desert Mtns for Jan

Lifetime quilt no.: 72

Started: February 2, 2018

Finished: February 12, 2018

Size: 15″x21″

Number of pieces: lots and lots and lots

Quilting: detailed above

Fabric: solids of various brands and Brandon Mably “Casbah” print

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and this was also on my Q1 Finish Along list.

And what a week it’s been…

The following is a public service announcement from your local cake decorator:

If you must celebrate Valentine’s day, and hey, good for you if you do, please celebrate with some boxed cereal. Or liver. Or scrambled eggs. But not cakes, tarts, cupcakes, chocolate-dipped strawberries, fancy little fiddly bits that have a dozen steps to prepare, or anything similar.

Won’t you think of the poor cake decorators? 

Cake decorators should get hazard pay for this week.

Back to regular quilty things now… I’ve been so busy I didn’t notice the shout-out I got in the Feb 7 “February Updates for Members of the MQG” email.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 7.57.06 AM.png

My guild mates were kind enough to tell me.

In addition to Valentine’s hell week, I worked on [and finished and mailed] my MQG mini quilt swap and I’m quite pleased overall. It’s still in the mail so I’m holding off on the big reveal.

Happy weekend to you!