How was your day, dear?

Today was a day off. Days off are seriously one of the best things ever. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciated [and needed] today.

Sure, I need to do laundry. Get groceries. Recover from the double whammy of birthday and mother’s day. And renew my driver’s license – that did get done to save the 276$ fine I was flirting with had I been pulled over, which luckily didn’t happen. After I glared into the camera for a horrible picture I went home and SEWED!

I finished a few blocks, then laid out and counted my blocks for the Jacob’s Ladder quilt. Then I cut lots and lots more strips and squares. I have 27 more blocks to do and 38 fabrics I just love and want to use.


These are the “must use” fabrics.


Some of the “we’ll see what colours I need to balance the rest out” near the end.

Since I zipped through all that I decided to brave the fabrics I want to fussy cut.




I spent two hours to make this holey fabric.

But it will look awesome at the end.

And I get to do it all again tomorrow.


2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop, week the third



It’s that time of year again when more experienced quilt bloggers give aid and advice to newer quilt bloggers. I participated for the first time in 2016, again in 2017, and this is my last year in the group.

This year’s hosts are


Here are links to the bloggers being featured this week:

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I hope you find some fun new blogs to read.

A new project, a fast project

A project in which I was the mere technical director, working to support the vision of the artistic director. A quite specific, rather uncompromising six point seven five year old artistic director. 

Let me back up a little. This weekend was the bi-annual quilt show and sale of the Victoria Quilter’s Guild. I could only attend on Friday which happened to be a day off of school for my kids, so they also got to attend a quilt show.

I bribe them with candy because it works (and is a rare treat). This year I could have bribed them with fabric it seems. W, the 6 3/4 year old fell in love with a 2$ FQ. She promised to pay me back from her hoarded allowance if I lent her the money to buy it. Her initial plan as we toured more booths was to make a cushion. Then a shawl. Then a skirt, but there wasn’t enough for a skirt. Did I have more fabric I could lend her to finish the skirt? Yes of course. But then it won’t match. Did I have fabric that DID match? 

Well for two dollars I’ll buy you some fabric that matches. So that was a win.

Then I broke her heart by working for two days straight.


After my work today we buckled down and made this wondrous garment!


Flat felled seams for speed and convenience. W ran the foot pedal while I kept everything straight.

I also dropped the ironing board down to her height so she could do the pressing. (I had to go on my knees!) She thought threading the elastic through the casing was magical.


She was adamant that the zig-zag be oriented vertically to make the skirt as long as possible.

And it twirls. And poofs.

I have a happy girl. Me? I’m toast. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. Time for bed.

Rainbow Log Cabin

A [finally] finished quilt.


I gave it to my sister in law a few months ago for a Christmas present. Since it was huge, I wrapped it in a black garbage bag to make it look like a lump of coal; I wrote on the tag “this coal will keep you warm.” She was thrilled to bits, so I was glad it was going to a good home.

Here is a picture of the quilt on her bed.


She was also pretty excited to find out that you can buy variegated thread! And that I’d used two thread colours for the quilting.

An awesome backing – can’t beat wideback yardage for large quilts. And these are the dots I fussy cut to use in another log cabin quilt.


I started this quilt when I first started blogging so there are many, many early posts about the agonizing progress and every detail is hashed out. Good thing there were only a handful of readers back then! You can read all those posts by clicking HERE.

Quilt Stats:

Title: Rainbow Log Cabin

Lifetime quilt no.: 71

Started/Finished: Pieced the top October/November 2015, and started quilting it right away. Put it away for awhile before finishing the quilting in January 2017. Put it away again, then started binding it in late December 2017.

Size: 86″ square

Number of pieces: 400

Pattern: from Kelly Biscopink’s book, but I modified the instructions to use larger pieces and I made bigger blocks. With a different layout. But otherwise I *totally* followed the pattern.Image result for kelly biscopink

Quilting: straight line walking foot, generic grey thread, domestic machine and FMQ, rainbow thread, longarm machine

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