A mid-week, mid-month update

Or just what have I been doing with my time these days anyway?

It’s a long story and one with lots of feelings but we’re alright and no one died, so I should just get over myself and get on with life.

Long story short, we moved. From looking at the new place to giving notice (we’re long term renting kind of people) to actually moving it was four weeks. Four weeks. And we had a kid birthday three days after moving day. And end of the school year in there too.

So I did some of this:

Q is for quilting of course!


L-R: my featherweight, my workhorse everything Husqvarna, my serger.

Still all packed but at least not spread willy-nilly. I took the picture this morning.


Husband has been sorting books. (We have many, many hundreds of books). First time I have ever had all the quilting and sewing books in one spot, hurray!


I’m looking forward to the end of unpacking and the start of sewing. I’ll be longarming next week and my LQS is having their annual sale. Life will be okay.

Sunday Stash, birthday edition

It was my birthday kinda-sorta recently (and I’m playing catch-up with my blogging.) Lucky me got some fabric! My friend Kari is my birthday twin and she gave me a couple of mini-charm packs. (I gave her flowers.)


Even with several (okay, seven) thousand charm squares I don’t have enough. I got these two for myself.


My sister went to Spool of Thread and gave me this awesomeness!


It’s a quarter yard (WOF) piece, so an odd size. And quite directional. I have no idea what I will use it for but I do love it. A quilt like these two might work with this fabric.

And there were these two random but fine FQ as well as some Cotton and Steel/Alice in Wonderland. The least said about those the better. (I am not a fan.)


Lucky me to get new fabrics! Thanks everyone. Linking up with Molli Sparkles

On Giving It Away

*Also there will be a bit of fangirling.

A couple of months ago I was killing time at the library (it’s even better than a quilt shop because everything is free) while one of my kids was at a program. I was catching up on blog reading and found that Mary Fons had a new Quilt Scout column up. Since time was on my side, I read every one, starting at the first. I took notes as I went, thinking I would write to Mary about my reactions to her writing. (What? She likes mail!) I never did write to her and I recently recycled my notes.

A few bits from her columns stuck with me though, like this one: In the Venn diagram of “Nerdy,” “Creative,” and “Friendly,” “Quilter” is smack in the middle. Makes me chuckle. Another one that resonated with me was about giving quilts away.  Go read it, then come back here.

Back so soon?

When I was reading the entire Quilt Scout archives I had just gotten back a bag of my quilts that I had lent out for two displays at shows. It wasn’t a small bag either…it was the large IKEA bag and it was full. Very full.

The idea of unpacking that bag and shoving everything back into closets, under my bed, into a bin in the garage, and hanging things up with the winter coats exhausted me. I simply couldn’t do it. So the bag sat. And sat. And was discovered by my husband who asked “whose quilts are those anyway, and when are they coming to pick them up?”

Ugh. Quilts I made and loved but didn’t want anymore. The joy for me is in the making the quilts. Don’t want to give it away because that’s a lot of money! and time! and effort! Those are worth something. Or should be.

So the bag sat some more. Then I remembered Mary’s article. I realized I would rather give some quilts away than put them back in closet purgatory.

A rainbow batik wall hanging I got from a swap went to a friend who had liked the picture I posted on IG. She couldn’t believe I just gave it to her.

My Black Tea quilt. Giant quilt, 90″x90″. Loads of fabric. Took two years to quilt. #Quiltconreject. Best texture on any quilt I’ve ever made.

Nicole_Hannah_Black_Tea (Full)Nicole_Hannah_Black_Tea (Detail)

This went to Thea from my guild who, after I showed it at a guild meeting last fall, told me how much she liked it and how well it would match her bedroom. I had offered to sell it for the cost of fabric but that was too much for Thea. This week I left it in a bag for her to pick up.

I’m not saying you should hang around me and maybe I’ll give you a quilt, but darn does it feel good to pass these along. Maybe you’ve already discovered this and you’re all ‘duh, Nicole, of COURSE you should give quilts away.’ But try it sometime. You know you can always make another one.

Thanks Mary.

A finished quilt, only sort of mine

Way way back last summer, the participants in the 2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog hop also participated in a charity block drive sponsored by Cloud 9 Fabrics. You can click that link to see my original tutorial.

The hosts of last year’s hop each put together a quilt and one of them is finished! Yvonne from QuiltingJetgirl… do you know Yvonne? She is really nice and a wonderful cheerleader for the online quilting community… she recently completed a quilt with the blocks she had. Click here to see her write up about the quilt.


My block is circled in the dark blue.

Cloud9-Charity-Quilt-2-730x548 copy

Thanks to my fellow contributors and especially to Yvonne!