What’s Wrong with this Picture?

It’s been so long, I forgot how to do it.


On the one hand, that will make the worst binding in the world. On the other hand, at least I’m making binding for something.




Charming scrap quilt update

A few weeks ago I showed this quilt that I had started pretty much spur of the moment.


At 64″ square I thought that was a little small. And I still had a ton of squares so I planned a border to bring it up to a better size.


This is the best picture I have of the whole quilt top. Truth.

With the borders the quilt is now 76″ square. Thinking about backing, it occurred to me that a giant starflower block (a la Jeni Baker’s tutorial) would be exactly the right size AND could be made with FQ which would use up more stash.

I went through the stash and the bins and found this FQ set I won last year from Molli Sparkles.


Wasn’t too sure about that plaid in the middle. Not bad, but not great.

But alas! These FQ measured 18″ – 18.5″ and I needed 20″ FQ to yield 19″ HST, for a 76″ quilt top. I didn’t have enough similar fabric to add borders to make it big enough and besides, these fabrics are very blue and too different from my quilt top and this was really stressing me out so I just stopped.

Went through the stash again, looking for yardage or 20″ FQ.


Better. And wow, what a random bunch of ugly fabric right? Five of these above were from other people and one was free, so I only paid real money for three of these. Anyway…


Didn’t really want to buy fabric but truly didn’t have two metres of anything suitable. Fabricland, 7$/m. I love how the darkest stripe echoes the dark stripe on the front of the quilt.


Laid out for a test run. Perfect – this suits the vintage/beige/ugly/random quilt top quite well I think.

I made the backing yesterday morning and got it loaded on the longarm in the afternoon (first time longarming since May 31st!) Won’t be able to quilt it until Sunday but I’m looking forward to that already.

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Belated birthday dress

The fabric bought for the fifth birthday dress last year (ahem, bad mum) has finally been transformed.

I had imagined a tunic-y A-line sleeveless dress with either a contrast hem or yoke and bought yardage accordingly. That was not on with the little miss. The dress pattern she did like required more fabric than I had, so a compromise was reached.

I can attest that I still hate ruffles (fiddly, nasty things). And sometimes home-made looks a little …home-made. But there are hearts hemming the purple layer.

She’s happy. I don’t feel guilty anymore. Happy fifth birthday W, ~60 weeks late.



Dirty feet, a sign of a successful summer.

Because it’s finally finished I am linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts!

And this was on my list for the 2017 Q3 Finish A-long.

Edited to add: the skirt has calmed down with a few wearings and washings, and I am much more pleased with it now.

A Humorous Interjection

I found it!!

Remember this quilt?

Scrap Vomit copy

You can read more about it HERE. But this one has 1,800 unique print fabrics on it. It should have 1,801 print fabrics but there is one duplicate. I left it in when I was making this but over the years I forgot where the second piece was. Considering I use this quilt for about 5 months a year I should have found it already.

Today was the day!

Scrap Vomit duplicates.jpeg

Can you see those? I’ll zoom in for you.

Same weird background of green and purple “threads.” And yes, that is a cat in a Christmas hat near some early Denyse Schmidt fabric.