Intents for the New Year, 2019

I’m joining in with the #2019PlanningParty with Quilting Jetgirl. Yvonne is a fantastic cheerleader for the online quilting community and we are all lucky to have her rooting for us.

In 2019 I will continue hosting the weekly link up for in-progress Canadian fibre works at The Needle and Thread Network. Perhaps this is the year we make a better button.

I am also joining in with the 2019 Finish-a-long of course, but not as a participant. This year I am one of the hosts!

Global Host 2019 - Handwrought Quilts

But Nicole, what about your actual quilts? Get off the computer with all these cool link-ups and sew something! 

But first some history….

In 2015 I was surprised to find how much I’d spent on quilting. Since then I’ve been mindful of what I bought and have worked hard ever since to reduce my spending. Yay me!

Halfway through 2016 I bought my longarm and I’ve been trying to finish my lingering half-done quilts. Right now I am finishing the binding on the very last of the languishing projects. Extra yay me!

So what now? A few weeks ago I saw a quote in a newsletter from Janine at Uppercase Magazine.

Consider the last few years as just research. Imagine starting anew.” Tavi Gevinson, Rookie Mag [emphasis mine]

Now to play, experiment, and use what I have. Try different styles of quilts. Find my style. Play. Get serious about things. Find the joy in making.

Here’s to me and to you, and to our very best year.



The Triumphant Return of the Xmas PJs

It was a little more last minute than I would have liked but all three* sets of jams were done before dinner on christmas eve.

And here at last I’m sharing a picture of my girls. It’s W on the left and B on the right, in their jams. Santa brought snorkel sets this year.


This is three or four years of nightshirts for F. He refused to model them for you. This year is the space invaders on the bottom of the pile.



* I only make christmas pjs for the kids and husband. Go here to see what happens when I make for myself.

Linking up with Michelle at From Bolt to Beauty!

Thoughts About QuiltCon Submissions

In the past month I’ve been beavering away to finish not one! not two! but THREE quilts to submit for QuiltCon. It was pretty much just a reason to donate my money but also to finish some quilts.

I submitted four: one was finished last year, two were finished just for this deadline, and the last quilt was made specifically to submit. I’ll be surprised if any are accepted but I still hope that one day, (shakes fist at sky and Quiltcon jurors), I’ll have a quilt juried in.

I worry that none of them will be good enough, so I don’t want to tell you which ones I submitted. What if you all think “pfff, how can Nicole think those are modern!”? So I hide.

While I wait with bated breath for the verdict I’ve done some tidying up, a fabric pull but no plan for a baby quilt, and a pull and a plan for another new quilt.

Utterly unrelated to any of this except that it too is a quilt:


I quilted this in addition to everything else in November for a new/old friend. 90″x99″, diagonal lines and the thread matched each colour. I lost count of how many thread changes I did but wow, was it worth it.