Fussy for Friends

Thanks friends for the good wishes and love on my last post!

A while back I was bored and fiddly and decided to sift through allllll my 2.5″ charm squares looking for fussy cuts, either deliberate or accidental. I found quite a few and was very pleased! I thought maybe I’d eventually make another polaroid quilt.

Last week my friend Kari asked a bunch of us for scraps to make, you guessed it, a polaroid quilt! I knew I could do better than random scraps and took the chance to actually go through my fabrics and fussy cut everything possible, and cut extras for me. Of course.

Net result:


Some 130+ fussy cut squares for Kari, and some 470+ fussy cut squares for me.


Tonight I added my fussy cuts to the rest of my 2.5″ squares and WOW. Wow do I have a lot of squares. Like 5-6K? Oof.

Scrappy Irish Chain, a finished quilt

My 2017 summer mental health quilt is ta-done, finished, and gifted!


This quilt was fun from start to finish. The entire top came from stash and was a fun, mindless project late this summer. The 2.5″ squares were all from swaps and gifts, the 4″ beige squares I cut from larger pieces.


The backing was half from stash with only the background striped fabric purchased. September was my month to use my longarm (I share it with another quilter if you’re new around here) so I loaded this up to hopefully quilt it during a few sessions over the course of the month.


One relatively short afternoon later, I was done the quilting. The classic wishbones were easy to do and suited both the front and the back of the quilt. And might I brag just a bit about that most excellent pattern matching seen above? I couldn’t have done that if I tried!

I had a bit of a close call when I was trying to find a suitable fabric for the black border. I knew I had a black with orange-purple-green?-yellow stars (kind of a Hallowe’en palette) but couldn’t find it. Must have sold it. Found instead this black with a rainbow of coloured stars which I truly have no memory of acquiring. But it wasn’t enough! What to do now. I struggled mightily between buying new fabric for the border or…wait for it…switching fabric halfway through. You can see below what I chose to do.


This is the first time I have ever done that in my decade of quilting. Are you proud of me? I am.

I mentioned this has been gifted already. I left it outside a friend’s house this week. She has a cottage on a lake which has been in her family since they built it in the 1930s. My oldest and her daughter have birthdays only eight days apart and they are truly bosom buddies, a la Anne and Diana. There were many trips back and forth to their cottage this summer and this quilt kept reminding me of that vintage, eclectic, still in great shape cottage. So I kept sewing, thinking about the cottage and friends and all sorts of things so I kind of wound up making this for my friend and just kept crossing my fingers that she would maybe like it a bit and not mind being gifted a quilt.

Well. The exuberant phone call I received convinced me I had gotten it right. They are thrilled to have been chosen as the benefactors. But I win because I got to make another quilt!

Previous posts about this quilt are HERE and HERE.

Quilt Stats:

Title: Scrappy Irish Chain

Lifetime quilt no.: 66

Started: August 2, 2017

Finished: September 27, 2017 (a mere eight weeks later!)

Size: 76.5″x76.5″

Number of pieces: 1,058 which includes the 20 pieces in the backing. Total fabric used was 7.6m from stash and 2m purchased specially.

Quilting: wishbones, done on longarm

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And once more for awesomeness.

Have a most excellent weekend everyone and a happy Thanksgiving to you!

Charming scrap quilt update

A few weeks ago I showed this quilt that I had started pretty much spur of the moment.


At 64″ square I thought that was a little small. And I still had a ton of squares so I planned a border to bring it up to a better size.


This is the best picture I have of the whole quilt top. Truth.

With the borders the quilt is now 76″ square. Thinking about backing, it occurred to me that a giant starflower block (a la Jeni Baker’s tutorial) would be exactly the right size AND could be made with FQ which would use up more stash.

I went through the stash and the bins and found this FQ set I won last year from Molli Sparkles.


Wasn’t too sure about that plaid in the middle. Not bad, but not great.

But alas! These FQ measured 18″ – 18.5″ and I needed 20″ FQ to yield 19″ HST, for a 76″ quilt top. I didn’t have enough similar fabric to add borders to make it big enough and besides, these fabrics are very blue and too different from my quilt top and this was really stressing me out so I just stopped.

Went through the stash again, looking for yardage or 20″ FQ.


Better. And wow, what a random bunch of ugly fabric right? Five of these above were from other people and one was free, so I only paid real money for three of these. Anyway…


Didn’t really want to buy fabric but truly didn’t have two metres of anything suitable. Fabricland, 7$/m. I love how the darkest stripe echoes the dark stripe on the front of the quilt.


Laid out for a test run. Perfect – this suits the vintage/beige/ugly/random quilt top quite well I think.

I made the backing yesterday morning and got it loaded on the longarm in the afternoon (first time longarming since May 31st!) Won’t be able to quilt it until Sunday but I’m looking forward to that already.

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Another quilt, a new quilt

It started innocently enough, catching up on blog reading three weeks ago. I read Katrin’s post on all the bee blocks she had made this year to date.

Stash Bee January 2017 Hive 4 Block Puppilalla

From Katrin’s blog

I saw her block, made for Stephanie. That finished quilt is here.

Quilt n Party

Stephanie’s bee blocks in progress

I thought to myself, “I bet those are 2.5″ squares. I have a few of those kicking around. This looks really easy to sew. I need something easy and mindless. Maybe I’ll try this.”

Now we all know how much I love 2.5″ squares. When I sort them I do a CMYK colour wheel but I also sort low volume, grey, brown, beige, black tone on tone, black with colours, ditto for the whites, and MULTICOLOURED.

I also realized that if I made a block every day in August I would have a decent size quilt top.

So here we go…


First time sewing in the new house!


Using the multi-coloured squares and black with colours. Because for what other kind of quilt will these disparate fabrics play well together?

First four

First four blocks. Looks like a hot mess so far.


Therrrre’s the pattern.


I went through my fabrics and pulled all the”why do I have these and what was I thinking?” fabrics in beige.


FullSizeRender 2

And now I have a quilt top, with one whole week to spare. It’s a titch small, just 64″ square so I might add some borders.


Borders, backing, batting. I still have a week.

It has been a very long time since I’ve been able to say: linking up! Sew Fresh Quilts, and My Quilt InfatuationQuilting is more fun than housework, and Cooking up Quilts!