Day 114

Ta-done! I finished the self-portrait in time to submit. And though it galls me, here it is:


NHannah_Get to Know Me_full

“Get to Know Me”, 2015, 20″ x 18″

The call for entries is here which explains the scope of the project.

I’ve enjoyed having a small project accomplished start to finish over the holidays.

Day 111

Had friends come for dinner tonight, and they usually bring a small present for my girls. I didn’t want to be empty handed again so I thought it was a good time to make them the set of placemats I’ve had in mind since April. I found a cute fabric with pugs on it and just never got the placemats made. Or started.

Until today at 4pm, when I started cutting fabric. I did a quick quilt as you go method. Using large pieces of fabric also makes things faster. I had B trimming the corners and turning them right side out when our friends arrived at 5:30. I quickly did a top stitch round the edges and called it done.


And my friends liked them! Linking up with Amanda Jean at CrazyMomQuilts for Finally Finished [Monday], because these are finally finished and off my to-do-someday list.