Guild Block Lotto quilt, a finished quilt

This is a quilt I made a long time ago, in January 2015, using the guild block lotto blocks from 2013-14. There’s a small blog post about it on the guild blog. And if you want to see all the block lottos you can look at them here.


Deciding on a layout took for..e..ver.

I made the whole thing in a week but then just never got around to quilting it. Mostly because I wanted to do a full custom job but didn’t actually want to do that work. And if you never make a decision then you can’t make the wrong one, so I let it languish.

But this is my year for getting stuff done.


I went for really big loopy loops. Red was what I had on the machine for practicing and I just kind of liked it.


MQGsewday was yesterday so I made binding. Pretty binding.


And then I actually got it bound. I complained about it on IG but the gist of it is this: I always do my machine binding backwards from how most of the internet does theirs. So I thought I would try the “right way” to do it…and thereby shot myself in the foot. It was a slow, frustrating, challenging process. 90 minutes to do a quilt 57×75? But it’s done now and on a pic that small, no one can see the imperfections.


Quilt Stats:

Title: MQG Victoria block lotto quilt

Lifetime quilt no.59

Started: January 2015

Finished: October 16, 2016

Size: 57″x75″

Number of pieces: lots

Quilting: organic telephone cord loops on the longarm

And this is one of my thirteen projects on the Fourth Quarter of the 2016 Finish Along! May all the rest of them finish this easily and quickly.

It’s a finish, so linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts!

Baby’s Birds, a finished quilt

On October 3rd my sister had a baby (yay!) Since there was a conveniently timed holiday long weekend just a few days later we popped over to meet the new one. (There is no name yet, hence “baby,” “new one,” etc.)

I was slow to start a quilt for this one, more info about that here, but last Friday I got down to it. I had a lovely inspiration starting point:


This is a gouache painting given to my sister by one of her oldest friends, the VERY talented Jenny Ritter. I liked the blue and white equilateral triangles so that was my starting point. I knew I had a couple metres of birds on blue and loads of white, so easy enough.

What size triangles to use? This is mid-morning, before I ran out for an appt.img_1307

6″ triangles seem perfect. Everything is cut out. Lunch time now.


Pretty good for first time doing equilateral triangles!


Everything was sewn into rows by end of school day, 3ish. Ran to the fabric store with the kids to buy batting and backing. And the toy store for a present for the new big sister. And gas up the car for the road trip. Home again, but dinner time now. I started again after W was in bed at 7:30 and dishes were washed. Rows sewn together quickly and pressed.

Funny story: B and husband decided to watch “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” practically beside me and since *I* was being so thoughtless to be sewing while they were watching a movie I could only sew fast during the loud bits. Honestly! Don’t they know I’m trying to do an Eleanor Burns here?

Basting! Why yes I do always co-ordinate my duct tape to match my quilts.


I quilted orange lines along all the seams, trying to keep the machine quiet. Thank goodness for battle scenes!

The proud papa is Dutch so I had to throw in some more orange. I used the fabulous flanged binding tutorial from Sew Fresh Quilts which I’ve never used before but I am a total convert and will absolutely use again. I managed to trim the quilt so that the flange didn’t obscure any of those amazing points I got and still had a full binding. It was now around 11pm and I was done.


From start to finish, about 7 hours. 


The quilt on the left is the quilt I made for the now-big sister in 2014. Birds, blue/orange, pointy bits are the similarities. Funny how tastes change.


A peak at the back.


Quilt Stats:

Title: Baby’s Birds

Lifetime quilt no.58

Started: October 7, 2016

Finished: October 7, 2016 (fastest quilt I’ve ever made!!)

Size: 31″x32″

Number of pieces: 66

Quilting: straight-line quilting done with walking foot, gutterman thread because I had lots of orange

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Day 390

It has been a remarkably sewing-ish couple of days. Friday evening I put a sandwich in my tote bag for dinner and abandoned my family to do some sewing on our guild’s QuiltCon charity quilt. It’s a challenging palette that was chosen…quiltcon-charity-quilt-palette-2017_1024x1024

Using this palette and the design direction of “Micro or Macro” we made something that we think fits the parameters. And thankfully we are allowed to use less than the eight colours.

Saturday I finished a quilt top for an artist call for entry for a show in Vancouver. The show is at the end of the month and submissions close tonight so hopefully I’ll know soon.

Today I quilted the darn thing. I used old blue jeans and did big stitch/Kantha style quilting and dyed my fingernails blue! If it gets accepted into the show I’ll explain all the blather about it.


Too Good to Waste, 2016 28″x28″

Crosscut Quilt-Along, a finished quilt

Ta-done! Today I finished my version of the #crosscutquiltalong hosted by Debbie @aquilterstable on instagram.

Here is my finished quilt:


Here’s the back:


And a close up of the quilting.


This was lots of fun to do in a group – I’ve never really done a quilt along before so that was exciting. Sharing pictures with everyone was also pretty great. Having a hot pink quilt amongst a lot of low volume ones certainly stands out.

I was going to upload some process pics from my phone but on the way to the cable I dropped the phone and now I have two white lines of death. The internet tells me its fixable, but not on a Saturday night it’s not. So I’m thrilled that my quilt is finished and bummed about the phone.

This quilt was on my finish along list for quarter 3 so this will be linked up sometime in the fall.

Edited to add: this got a shout-out on Debbie’s blog.