Day 236

Life is slowly levelling out and returning to normal. Hurrah! Or hurray as my nine year old insists. And we’re off to a great start of “oh god mom, stop embarrassing me”.

Today was a varied and very light mix of fabric/sewing/hobby stuff.

  1. In the cross-Canada mini charm swap group I’m in, it’s my birthday month so I get to make a request and have 28? 29? bundles of 50 2.5″ squares mailed to me. I asked for “anything goes, but no duplicates”. That’s ~1400 squares, which will make a 74″ square quilt. I will spare you all the exclamation marks I’m feeling right now.
  2. Starting when B. was in kindergarten a few years back we have had a pretty much constant guest chair at our dinner table and the same group of kids just rotate through. So for Christmas that year I made each of them a placemat with their initial for them to use at our house. In the three years since then the initials have gotten straggly. We used the placemats tonight and I just couldn’t stand it anymore so I ripped the letters off (after dinner). I’ll do a better job this time.
  3. I went to a fibre art show this morning and it was so nice to look at other peoples’ work, at their colour choice or fabric choice and to study their decisions.

And yes my slippers match the placemats.