Baby quilt

Husband worked at a temporary assignment for most of last year, and became good friends with his co-worker. Her first is a couple of years younger than W, my youngest, and the co-worker was trying to have another kid. After many false starts and dashed hopes she had a girl a week ago!

I get to make another quilt! I love making quilts (of course) but ones that have a purpose are the best.

I saw this one in January:

Rebecca Bryan quilt

This is one of Rebecca Bryan‘s quilts, from a trunk show.

Edited to add: Rebecca shared this one here and blogged about it here.

40x44 10 squares 2.5 borders

Then I saw this one from Sotak Handmade a few weeks ago. The note on the bottom is my info for recreating it. But it’s originally a free pattern from Amy Smart of Diary of Quilter.

Loved the same star and similar colours in both quilts, so I bought fabric late Sunday and made this version this morning:


Borders? Quilting design? Will decide tomorrow. Opinions welcome in the mean time.


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Baby’s Birds, a finished quilt

On October 3rd my sister had a baby (yay!) Since there was a conveniently timed holiday long weekend just a few days later we popped over to meet the new one. (There is no name yet, hence “baby,” “new one,” etc.)

I was slow to start a quilt for this one, more info about that here, but last Friday I got down to it. I had a lovely inspiration starting point:


This is a gouache painting given to my sister by one of her oldest friends, the VERY talented Jenny Ritter. I liked the blue and white equilateral triangles so that was my starting point. I knew I had a couple metres of birds on blue and loads of white, so easy enough.

What size triangles to use? This is mid-morning, before I ran out for an appt.img_1307

6″ triangles seem perfect. Everything is cut out. Lunch time now.


Pretty good for first time doing equilateral triangles!


Everything was sewn into rows by end of school day, 3ish. Ran to the fabric store with the kids to buy batting and backing. And the toy store for a present for the new big sister. And gas up the car for the road trip. Home again, but dinner time now. I started again after W was in bed at 7:30 and dishes were washed. Rows sewn together quickly and pressed.

Funny story: B and husband decided to watch “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” practically beside me and since *I* was being so thoughtless to be sewing while they were watching a movie I could only sew fast during the loud bits. Honestly! Don’t they know I’m trying to do an Eleanor Burns here?

Basting! Why yes I do always co-ordinate my duct tape to match my quilts.


I quilted orange lines along all the seams, trying to keep the machine quiet. Thank goodness for battle scenes!

The proud papa is Dutch so I had to throw in some more orange. I used the fabulous flanged binding tutorial from Sew Fresh Quilts which I’ve never used before but I am a total convert and will absolutely use again. I managed to trim the quilt so that the flange didn’t obscure any of those amazing points I got and still had a full binding. It was now around 11pm and I was done.


From start to finish, about 7 hours. 


The quilt on the left is the quilt I made for the now-big sister in 2014. Birds, blue/orange, pointy bits are the similarities. Funny how tastes change.


A peak at the back.


Quilt Stats:

Title: Baby’s Birds

Lifetime quilt no.58

Started: October 7, 2016

Finished: October 7, 2016 (fastest quilt I’ve ever made!!)

Size: 31″x32″

Number of pieces: 66

Quilting: straight-line quilting done with walking foot, gutterman thread because I had lots of orange

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