Day 1,164

I went for it anyway. I made the bias binding, using an amazing tutorial from Geta’s Quilting Studio. She has a follow up tutorial which was helpful for using WOF rectangles instead of the typical square.

I pulled out my quilt today to see about attaching this fabulous binding and I’m really glad I’m using a better binding. Nothing wrong with straight grain strips but this quilt is awesome and worth the extra effort. You’ll have to trust me on that. It’s really really stupendous.

I also hit up a sale at my lovely local quilt shop this past week. Once I either finish or not my quilts for Quiltcon I have a baby quilt to make! And then it’s nearly time for the christmas pjs again.


Bottom upwards: flannel for W who’s 7, flannel for B who’s 11.5, backing for baby quilt, binding for baby, and four colours of shot cotton also for the baby quilt.

All this plus today’s mental health day are making me feel like progress just might, maybe, be achievable.


Not having any more, in case you got excited. Or worried. But my sister was visiting this week with her two wee ones. To recap: mine are just turned 10, and 5 3/4. Both girls. My sister also has two girls: just turned 3, and 7 months.

I had forgotten all about these but apparently I made some change mats a few years ago. Possibly even for my youngest but I honestly don’t recall.


A bit of flannel and a same size bit of PUL (polyurethane laminate), held together with binding. This is 19″x26″. I had a .5m cut of fabric and used the leftover to make a burp cloth (not pictured because ewww, gross).


I used a fancy stitch on my machine and pre-fab bias binding, but damn, look at that mitre. Pretty impressive for three years old and many, many washings.

And a warm welcome to all the new blog readers. Thank you for joining me here.

Day 393

Stopped by my longarm today to do a bit of quilting. I do wish I could quilt for longer than two hours at a time. But the quilt is getting done, slowly and steadily. I went to change the needle though at one point and the set screw threads are a bit hinky* so I couldn’t secure the needle, and quilting was done for the day. Got a replacement screw later on which might or might not fit…

I also need to make a baby quilt very soon as I have a new niece! I did know there was a baby coming but I just wasn’t feeling quilty about this one. My sister and I didn’t grow up in a house with quilts so she isn’t really into quilts the way I am so giving her a quilt is not the most thoughtful present ever. Although to be fair, NO ONE loves quilts as much as I do. I think I’ve decided on a design (equilateral triangles) but I’m stuck on both fabric choice and size of triangles.

Anyone ever made an equilateral triangle quilt? Words of advice to throw my way?

*technical term of course.