Sunday Stash, what, again?


“Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt piece of fabric. It is so big.”*

When you’ve been eyeing (and feeling up) a bolt for weeks and weeks and weeks because you know it will just be PERFECT for a backing for a quilt that is still only a twinkle in your mind’s eye…..

but you haven’t bought it yet because, hello! backings are huge and therefore expensive, so you just sigh and put the bolt back, but touch it just one more time before you leave…..

but then the shop owner CALLS you at home to tell you that bolt is now in the 7$/m section, you say “hold the bolt, I’ll be there before you close!”……

And then 5m comes home with you.


Backing for a quilt that is still an idea. But I know it’s going to be awesome. And your eyes are going to bleed when you see it. So amazing. I can’t wait to show you this one.

Oh you selvedge junkies.

* Apologies to Sir Mix-a-Lot, and Jennifer Lopez. NSFW probably.

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Sunday Stash, what, again?

Day 206

Lovely day today….not least because I finished the back for my quilt! This was a bit of a slog so it feels extra awesome to be done AND to like it very much. It’s just how I pictured it. I’ve been struggling with this since March 24th and every day since. It feels so so good to have it done.

Here’s the insert strip I made to make the two WOF big enough.

Why not do a value progression when you can? It’s good practice.

And here’s the back in all its wonderful glory.


The backing is of course for this wonderful quilt (go scrap quilts!):




I did a really clever thing for the insert strip. Since we make backs larger than the quilt top I didn’t want to lose 4-8 inches of the strips. So I came up with a brilliant work around.

I added an extra 4″ strip of very light and very dark fabrics on each end. Ideally they’ll be cut off when I trim up but if my quilting skews things, then it’s no big deal.

I am linking up my fabulous quilt back (or as my four year old said when she saw this laid out, “are you making ANOTHER quilt?”) with Amanda Jean’s fabulous scrap quilt.


Day 206

Day 204

I sewed a bit this morning, trimming my strips for the backing and then starting to join them. I’m pressing seams open on these for extra flatness. Wow – it’s so much flatter than to the side! I’m not a full convert but I can appreciate the difference that will make.


I started at the light end of the row and got nearly to the mediums before preschool pickup.

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Day 204

Day 197

Ironed my top tonight. Think of all the swear words you know* and then use them while ironing. That was a right *&^%$#<>?”!@()**** to press.

Laid out my backing and calculated the bits I need to add. Two WOF are juuuuuust a bit shy for this top. Swear words again. But now I can use more scraps!

And I think I’ve decided on a quilting pattern…..options were straight line grid, diagonal grid or an orange peel/flower thing. I really just want to do the orange peel. I might change my mind after two blocks but that’s fine too.


* I know lots of swear words. My dad was a sailor and I used to be the only girl on a crew of boys, so I learned from some pros.

Day 197