Polaroid prepping

I will be having a busy July which is also my scheduled month to use my longarm. (I share it with another quilter for the folks who are new here). I’m setting the bar low and will only try to quilt one quilt.

When that’s added to my pile of quilted-but-not-yet-trimmed-and-bound quilts, it will be number four, which is plenty of quilts STILL not done.

In anticipation of quilting the polaroid quilt I did some prep work.


A victory lap.

I don’t often use yardage for backings but when I do, WOW is that fast! Even when you spend time futzing around to match the pattern.


Here, let me help you a little:

IMG_4342 copy



So it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn close.

Now to decide how to quilt it. Good thing I still have a couple of weeks!

Sunday Stash snapshot…

For the polaroid quilt, since it’s getting close to needing a backing, yay!

A few weeks ago I checked out my local indie fabric store for backings but found nothing particularly awesome [for this quilt. Lots of other awesome things though.] Checked out Fabricland. Narrowed the choices down to a short list of four. Went back to buy this one:


I thought this one was perfect as it has squares and rainbow colours. But was disappointed with the quality of the greige. Bummer.

I didn’t want to make a third trip to buy anything so I chose this instead:


It has rainbows, so it works for the rainbow of polaroids. I had to choose a light colour fabric for the backing as I have light grey thread to use. (I like to match my thread to my quilt.)

And it has the cutest selvedge of eyeglasses. I’ve worn glasses for thirty-one years and I approve. I googled the selvedge and found it’s from a line called “Geekery” which included graph paper fabrics!


Sunday Stash, what, again?


“Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt piece of fabric. It is so big.”*

When you’ve been eyeing (and feeling up) a bolt for weeks and weeks and weeks because you know it will just be PERFECT for a backing for a quilt that is still only a twinkle in your mind’s eye…..

but you haven’t bought it yet because, hello! backings are huge and therefore expensive, so you just sigh and put the bolt back, but touch it just one more time before you leave…..

but then the shop owner CALLS you at home to tell you that bolt is now in the 7$/m section, you say “hold the bolt, I’ll be there before you close!”……

And then 5m comes home with you.


Backing for a quilt that is still an idea. But I know it’s going to be awesome. And your eyes are going to bleed when you see it. So amazing. I can’t wait to show you this one.


Oh you selvedge junkies.

* Apologies to Sir Mix-a-Lot, and Jennifer Lopez. NSFW probably.

Happy Sunday Monday stash everyone! Linking up with Molli Sparkles of course.

Day 206

Lovely day today….not least because I finished the back for my quilt! This was a bit of a slog so it feels extra awesome to be done AND to like it very much. It’s just how I pictured it. I’ve been struggling with this since March 24th and every day since. It feels so so good to have it done.

Here’s the insert strip I made to make the two WOF big enough.


Why not do a value progression when you can? It’s good practice.

And here’s the back in all its wonderful glory.


The backing is of course for this wonderful quilt (go scrap quilts!):




I did a really clever thing for the insert strip. Since we make backs larger than the quilt top I didn’t want to lose 4-8 inches of the strips. So I came up with a brilliant work around.

I added an extra 4″ strip of very light and very dark fabrics on each end. Ideally they’ll be cut off when I trim up but if my quilting skews things, then it’s no big deal.

I am linking up my fabulous quilt back (or as my four year old said when she saw this laid out, “are you making ANOTHER quilt?”) with Amanda Jean’s fabulous scrap quilt.