Happy birthday to me*!

I met up with a quilty friend for tea this week and look what she gave me!


She isn’t going to use it and didn’t want to store it anymore.

Let me zoom in a little for you…


Yep, it’s a king size wool batting. Retail value: A LOT! Lucky, lucky me.


* It’s not actually my birthday.

Day 348

I was working on a small project today and needed batting. I headed to the garage stash to see what I had out there.

Luckily I had enough for the small project. But this is what I have left.


Can you believe this is four different kinds of batting? With these sizes I feel like I should start making coasters. I hate making coasters though.

Since my friend died and her quilt shop closed…I need to find a new supplier. There are lots of shops around town, I just have to work out the best quality/price ratio. It’s going to be more expensive than what I used to pay!