Day 145

Sewed this morning but it was a bit of a pain. My binding was troublesome and the hanging corners were a new-to-me technique. Bit frustrating unfortunately. Better than nothing though, and certainly better than a kick in the teeth.

I was glad to finish up my January Bias Tape Challenge for the #Mighty Lucky Club. And I’m very pleased with the finished quilt too.

A title has been given to this one by the family: “Arial Playgrounds”.





I’m looking forward to seeing the challenge for February.

I have linked up with the rest of the awesome at Crazy Mom Quilts!

Day 144

Quilting is done! on the bias tape #mighty lucky club challenge. (Got to love quilting a small quilt for speed).

Tonight it is being blocked. Tomorrow it will be trimmed and bound.


How did I get such amazing curves and swirls I hear you ask? I quilted it from the back you see:


My husband, my dear sweet husband with a spectacular IQ  and three degrees (including one from Cambridge!), asked how I got different coloured thread on each side.

I gave away all our trade secrets my friends: I ‘fessed up that there are two different threads on a sewing machine.

Day 142

Well this bias tape challenge has certainly turned into a scrap/stash challenge as well. I found a backing piece that I liked and a scrap of batting as well. The batt is silk so that feels luxurious. Also a good feeling is not having any little bits of batting left! I’ve frankensteined them all into usable pieces and used them up!

No quilting today, but you can’t win them all. Loads of guild stuff done.

Day 141

I sewed and sewed and sewed today. Oh how I sewed! Was chatting with Mr. Handwrought last night about the bias tape challenge and how I wasn’t really feeling it. The short conclusion is: it’s a challenge, so it’s okay to BE challenged by it. Finish it, don’t let the projects pile up. And it’s nearly the end of the month, so get on it.

This is what I had this morning. (These were all made last week? 10 days ago?)


And this is what I had this afternoon.


I don’t hate it! And the family likes it too. Yay for biased opinions. (Did you see what I did there?)

PS didn’t win the mosaic contest 8( Ah well, it was loads of fun to try.