More of the Same

I need to keep better track! Right now I have quilt tops, quilted tops, long-finished quilts, newly-finished quilts, and probably a couple of dust bunnies under the piles of scraps. I am on FIRE getting things done!, and why do we use that expression as a GOOD thing?


Less then a month ago I was still piecing this improv, scrappy, charity top from [mostly] someone else’s stash. I linked up with the lovely Patty at Elm Street Quilts, setting a finished top as my goal for September, with bonus points if I got it quilted too.


Best pic I have of it at the moment. This was my final layout to see if any of the fabrics clashed. I did indeed get it quilted, but the seven year old is rather terrible at holding quilts for me.

Linked up again with One Monthly Goal with Patty!

Yay me, and here’s to more finishes and progress in October.


Day 1093

Good lord I don’t even want to look how long it’s been. And since I’m [nominally] in charge here I won’t.

School started yesterday. I like the return to routine. Although to be fair this summer had more routine than previous years, which was a good thing. By the end I didn’t even want to strangle anyone* and I also got to do some sewing.

I finished two tops, one blogged here, and one hiding under my bed. Since I’m on a bit of a streak AND September is my month to use my longarm, I’m aiming for a third top.

My guild inherited someone’s stash and offered it free with a caveat of making a charity quilt. I chose this incredibly awesome/terrible fabric and some black and white prints.


I added enough black and whites from my collection to have enough for a twin.


I’m aiming for something like this. This was my first attempt; I have since eliminated the fabric which reads as grey, I narrowed the orange strips and chopped all these sections in half.


I’m loving this one so far, and it’s really enjoyable to not be precise about sizes or matching corners like my last two quilts. And that fish fabric is just so hideously awesome isn’t it?! I’m pressing seams open on this one since nothing needs to match up and it’s an interesting change of pace to try that out†.

More sooner rather than later I hope.

I want to get the top done in September. Extra bonus points to me if I get it quilted too! Linking up for fun and accountability with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal September Linkup.

* this was a joke. I’m not actually in danger of self-harm or infanticide.

† side pressers unite!