Decisions, decisions…

Consensus among commenters and my kids is this quilt needs BORDERS.

I thought a nice chunky border (on the right, above) would be awesome but now I’m leaning towards the narrower border (left, above). It’s a small quilt. Scale and proportion are important. And this will save me a trip to the fabric store. Is that a good thing though?

This pale grey on white is actually a 108″ wideback which feels very odd cutting small pieces out of.




And if you noticed a weird password encrypted post earlier today, don’t fret. All is well. The learning curve is steep sometimes.


Making progress

My first blog post was Sept. 9 2015. That’s two weeks today.

Between wordpress, feedly reader, email subscribers, and bloglovin’ I have 63 blog followers. (On days when my kids don’t listen to me I really love and appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for coming back week after week.) On Instagram I have 61 followers.

Now this bit is tough for me because I’m Canadian. We don’t ask for things, that’s gauche. And I’m a bit shy and a lot reticent. But I’ll make a deal with you: when I hit 100 followers on both the blog and instagram I will mail someone some fabric. I get to choose the fabric but you can probably already guess it will be colourful. Might even be rainbows! So feel free to share my info.


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And um, thanks! Thanks for reading and visiting and liking my quilts.