I am so completely blocked on my current quilt the frustration is contagious and other parts of my life are getting grumpy. I want to sew but won’t let myself start other projects. Grrr.


Here’s where it was most recently. I’m sure I’m just totally over-thinking all of it, and that it’s better than I fear.

We’ll see if I can convince myself about that.

In other news, this summer I scored some 9m of fabric for future backings for <20$!


My husband also found me a massive Olfa cutting mat for 4$ at a garage sale. It’s in better condition than mine so that’s a definite win!

This weekend I made two pathfinder sashes and one guide sash for a few girl guides I know. Did you know that Canadian army officers used to have their own personal tailors make their uniforms? Yes I make the sashes because it is so much cheaper that way.

I also bartered with my SIL to re-line her favourite winter coat in exchange for a photoshoot. Today I found the most lovely red heavy weight stretch bridal satin to use. This is a fiddly project but one I don’t mind doing.

And here’s how I spent the day before school started:


The big two are mine, the little ones are my nieces.

I always feel like the beginning of the school year is the new year, so happy new year everyone! And happy fourth blog anniversary to me. Thanks for being here.






Day 314

This morning when I was checking up on the world of quilting online I saw something that got me all fired up again about one of my currently shelved projects.

Is this not the cutest thing EVER?

For all the fabric I claim I don’t buy, I sure link up with Sunday Stash hosted by Molli Sparkles a lot. And when he was off traipsing about earlier this year, one of his* replacement hosts was Alyce @Blossom Heart Quilts. She runs a weekly link up for something or other and today’s link up had the above awesome project. That pillow is from Johanna @Stuff I Made and isn’t it just the best?

And all that back and forth from blog to blog to blog is a great example of how awesome blogs are and what a great community quilters have. And don’t forget Jayne @Twiggy and Opal for the polaroid tutorial I used in the first place!

I have to work out yardage and quilt dimensions but you will be seeing some shadow boxes on my polaroid blocks for sure.

*not a typo. Molli Sparkles is a boy.