Day 314

This morning when I was checking up on the world of quilting online I saw something that got me all fired up again about one of my currently shelved projects.

Is this not the cutest thing EVER?

For all the fabric I claim I don’t buy, I sure link up with Sunday Stash hosted by Molli Sparkles a lot. And when he was off traipsing about earlier this year, one of his* replacement hosts was Alyce @Blossom Heart Quilts. She runs a weekly link up for something or other and today’s link up had the above awesome project. That pillow is from Johanna @Stuff I Made and isn’t it just the best?

And all that back and forth from blog to blog to blog is a great example of how awesome blogs are and what a great community quilters have. And don’t forget Jayne @Twiggy and Opal for the polaroid tutorial I used in the first place!

I have to work out yardage and quilt dimensions but you will be seeing some shadow boxes on my polaroid blocks for sure.

*not a typo. Molli Sparkles is a boy.