Send help!

Dear reader, please save me from myself.

I have three unfinished quilts I want to submit for QuiltCon by the end of the month yet I am failing to make progress on any of them.

For one of them I need to make bias binding for a very large quilt (~400″ of binding needed). Who can recommend a tutorial and/or a pep talk? Is this one of those things about which I will say afterwards “that wasn’t so bad! what was I afraid of?”?

….ten minutes later….

I just pulled out my trusty quilting book to look through their instructions for bias binding. (I have the info and am not using it. See what I mean? SAVE ME from myself!)


I don’t actually NEED to do a bias binding, I just randomly decided I WANTED to. To try it out since I’ve never done it. But I don’t have to try it on this quilt. Hmmm.

Good chat, thanks!

What I was doing when I wasn’t quilting

I think I’ve obliquely mentioned that 2018 has been a tough year. Things are definitely getting better and I also feel more positive about things. So that’s nice.

There were days-weeks-more weeks with little sewing. I’m getting back to it and am delighted to be doing so. When I wasn’t sewing however I was starting to read books on colour and colour theory.

This book, The Secret Lives of Color, by Kassia St. Clair delighted me in February/March. So much so that, when I had to return it to the library before I finished reading it, my husband ordered me a copy as an anniversary gift. It has meticulously researched history and context for the shades of each colour. Fascinating read, I would read bits aloud to my kids and they were drawn in as well.

The Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St Clair

Next I read this book, The Brilliant History of Color in Art, by Victoria Finlay. More of a coffee table book and with obviously more focus on art history than the previous book. Also a great read about how colour has been used through history.

The Brilliant History of Color in Art

And then! I came across the super Instagram account of Eleanor Houghton who bills herself as a “Brontë Dress Historian, Bibliophile and Milliner”. With my theatre costuming and art history background this sort of thing is of interest to me and I was pretty excited when she started an Eh to Zed of “dyes and dyeing practices of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.” Here is the link to the intro of the A-Z which started on April 15. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 3.17.06 PM.png

My favourite colour, called Napthalene, from coal tar.

So there we are, a few bright spots from my spring, and a bit of education as well.

Day 218

Not much sewing here today. A couple of badges on the brownie sash for B. and yesterday I quickly added some box pleats to the pockets of her birthday skirt. Nothing like setting up the sewing machine at 7:55 to get that done before school! The line of the pockets are much improved now. I like knowing how to make tweaks like that.

And I have an itch to start a new project, not because I need to, but just because it would be more exciting than pulling out one of the many half-finished projects lying around.

I finished my massive book today. Let’s count that as a win! I’ve been slogging through the Outlander series and started book 5 on March 25th. Finished it today (yes, that is 20 days on one book) but it averages at more than 75 pages per day (1443 pages total).