What a boring day

But productive so a qualified win?

The mending/repair box was a little full so I went at it.

Two pairs of pj pants for husband. I have been making the “fat bastard” size and he is only average. Actually he’s above average if you know what I mean 😉 but he takes a size medium in pants. So I trimmed the inseam and the crotch on these two.


This is not yardage! It is a new pillowcase for the new (and tiny) buckwheat pillow, also belonging to husband. Not pictured is its twin.


Ella got her hair bow back, Nintje had the silly putty cleaned off her head. Go here for how to pronounce Miffy in Dutch. My kids cheat and pronounce it nine-cha.


New doll soother replaced.


Not pictured: two winter hats mended, a snap reattached to a doll belt, or the seven picture books I repaired. And then I needed a nap.

Day 318

Well it seems like my interest in blogging is tied directly to the amount I sew. Which these days, is not very much.

My guild had their annual picnic potluck meeting last night and that was fun. Tangentially sewing related I suppose.

Do you know which threads are the warp and weft? Here’s a handy mnemonic for you: “the weft goes left and right.” (And so it follows that the warp is up and down.)

I’m almost ready for Polaroid sample blocks round 2. (Round 1 can be seen here.)

I’ve finished three books this week which does feel productive. And I’m thinking about doing a hand stitch project for evenings and sitting times. At least it’s not another quilt being started.