Day 202

No sewing, so FAIL. I did have ten minutes to kill while waiting for a cake to cool so I played with some needle-felted spheres I made a while back. Probably 2009? 2010? I needle-felted them but always disliked their size (about as big as a loonie) and lack of density. So I tried wet felting them today.

Yay! They’re smaller (nickel sized? quarter sized?) and more dense. Aaaaaannnnnndddd they look like pompoms. Not handcrafted wool balls. Sigh.

At least the cake was awesome – a fluffy coconut cake with white chocolate cream cheese icing. The icing is the best part of this one.


The black one has been made smaller. I pulled them all out of the sink to take a picture, hence the slightly bedraggled appearance to them all.