Day 462

The no-sew trend continues which is unfortunate but the charm squares keep trickling in. I had two envelopes arrive and one was great but the other was fantastic!

I knew this one would be exciting to open, and I was right.


Since the fabrics were so fantastic, I decided to repeat (and take more time doing) the colour/value exercise from Mighty Lucky club that I did a couple of days ago.

To recap! Arrange the squares 10×10 in random order, so as they came out of the package.


Then random order again but with veto power to re-arrange.


Then in the order of personal preference. I wanted to try a value progression again so this…


yielded THIS!


Here’s a side by side comparison:

Lots of fun. I’ve never been given an all modern batch of charms before so that was very nice.

Linking up with the Needle and Thread Network, My Quilt Infatuation, and Sew Fresh Quilts. I don’t have time to sew this week but I still have time to look at other peoples’ awesome quilts.

Day 462

Day 458

Doing something small is better than nothing at all, especially when scrappy charms are involved.

Today’s mail brought a lovely batch of 100 charms to me all the way from Lyn in Wales! And since I’ve been backsliding something terrible about the Mighty Lucky Club I decided to take advantage of the mail. November’s able leader was Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts and the lesson was “Effective Fabric Selection.” Here is what the exercise was:

Choose 100 21⁄2″ squares (or any size squares you wish to use).

Hey, guess what came in the mail today!

Now, throw them in a basket or a bag, shake them up and pull them out, one at a time, and place them on the design wall in the order that they were pulled. Work from left to right to make a 10 x 10 array. Take a photo to document your results. How did you like the results?

This was as they came out of the envelope.

Position them according to your personal preference in a 10 × 10 grid on a design wall. (A fun side activity can be to time yourself, just to see how long it takes you!) Take a photo to document your results.

I went for a sort of value exercise, sort of colour wash effect. But was done hurriedly.

Remember, these were all someone else’s fabric; I was just playing around. But lots of fun.

Also lots of fun is sharing with others, so I’m linking up with My Quilt Infatuation and Busy Hands Quilts. Happy weekend everyone!

Day 458

Day 450

Remember way back when I was all jazzed about a fabulous swap of 2.5″ charm squares? I finally got the names and addresses of the people I’m swapping with. And an exotic list it is too: two Canadians, one close-ish and one very far away, three Americans, one Brit (maybe Welsh?), a Swiss, and a Swede living in Mauritius.

That adds up to $36 in postage folks. I didn’t know you can buy a $5 stamp in Canada.


And I bought three of them today. That’s my hand for scale.

I first freaked out about the cost (but I do that for anything over eight dollars) and then I broke it down. Here’s how I calculated it:

I’m mailing 800 2.5″ charm squares and receiving the same. A WOF yields 17 squares, so 800 ÷ 17 = 47 WOF strips. At 2.5″ per strip, that is 2.5″ x 47 = 117.5″ of fabric. Convert to metres: 117.5″ ÷ 40 = 2.9m of fabric. Round up to 3m.

36$ on stamps ÷ 3m fabric = 12$/m Certainly cheaper than what I pay at the store and every single square is unique. Can’t put a price on that! And since most of my fabric has been around forever, came from a giant bag costing 5$, or was free from a friend, I think of my fabric as being free. Extra awesome.

Now to wait for them to come, and then to sew them all together. I like what Cheryl Arkison is doing with her charm squares these days. Let’s hope I’m faster than seventeen years.

Day 450

Day 425

If I said I cut some charm squares today would you be surprised? Leave here and never come back? With sick kids lolling on the kitchen couch it’s an easy, quiet thing to do.

November has four ladies in the facebook birthday charm swap group. The combined requests are: 25 low volume, 25 b+w prints, 25 white or low volume, 25 cobalt blue, 50 modern tone on tone in any rainbow colour, and 50 modern tone on tone in pink/red/lime/turquoise/navy. Phew!

I started with my stash of pre-cut-from-friend’s-scraps then cut from my stash. I just need a few birthday stickers and then I can mail these!

IMG_1563.JPGFor Julia, who was super generous when it was my birthday month so I cut her a few extras.

Looking forward to some sewing this week.

Day 425

Sunday Stash, scrappy style

There is a nifty little shop in town called The Makehouse and they are all about learning to sew everything. Boxers, bras, hallowe’en costumes, upholstery, quilts, you name it they teach it. It’s a small shop though and they had a big clear out a week ago. “Fill a bag for 5$” is music to my ears. I called and asked if they would have any quilting cotton. “I’m not sure,” said the hesitant girl on the phone.

I thought I would take a chance on finding something.


That there is the best five dollars I’ve ever spent. You can see the bag is over 13″ high and quite bulging.

I also found some non-quilty treasures: 2m of spandex fabric becomes a fire cape!


This gorgeous Japanese textile. It’s huge, probably over 24″ square.


More wooden spools mostly because they fit in the bag.


Not pictured: two lace “capes”, both small child size, a golden ladies shirt which is now a medieval tunic, a velvet belt, and something else that has disappeared into the dress-up bin. Remember, all this was in that one bag.

And they did have some quilting cottons.


I didn’t take ALL the cottons, just a bit of every print they had.

And they had vintage, foreign, monster eyes, monster high, beehives, here chick, chick, chick, lady bugs, dinos, trains, and diggers, lego, spiderman, snoopy, seriously vintage bears in clothes, and a horse’s ass to boot.


There were more fabrics than this of course but I just photographed the best ones.

But Nicole, what are you going to DOOOO with all this random fabric? I do believe I’ve mentioned once or twice that I like 2.5″ squares? The Curious Quilter Charm Swap is happening again and that is what I’m planning.

The past week has seen me cutting and trimming.


There are over 500 squares in this picture. That works out to be over 2m of fabric. Not bad for five bucks!

Since it’s fabric new to me I’m linking up with Molli Sparkles of course.

Sunday Stash, scrappy style