Day 220

Definitely no sewing here today. Boo. I think I’ve been grumpy this week because of not sewing. I feel guilting sewing when I have so many other things to do (the previously mentioned taxes and guild stuff). So I feel miserable about all of it and do none of it.

But it was the “get to know each other” potluck for softball tonight. I pulled out my favourite quilt to use as a picnic blanket, and it’s ALWAYS a conversation starter. I hang out with quilters so much I forget that quilting seems magical to non-sewers. So that’s a fun ego boost.

Scrap Vomit

This one is from long before blog, it’s lifetime quilt #13 and was completed in March 2013. It contains 2,401 2.5″ squares. Of the 1,825 print squares there is only one duplicate. I swapped fabric with 34 people in 7 countries on 4 continents. The original pattern is called Steps to the Altar but this version is called “scrap vomit” by the wonderful Katy Jones.

Day 146

Cut 5/8 of the mini charm squares I need for this month’s Birthday Club. Two requests this month, one is low volume and the other is 25% white, 75% rainbow brights. As a child of the eighties I want to type that as “Rainbow Brite”.


And in other big news, I joined Instagram. But in a backwards, annoying way. I got Mr. Handwrought to download the instagram app to his iPad (mine is much to old for this newfangled stuff). I set up the account on that app, then found Gramblr which lets me upload photos from my desktop. Phew! What a PITA. But check it out – I’ve got all my pics from the #mightylucky January challenge there.

Day 86

Not much sewing today, strike that. No sewing today but I did file some of my lovely little 2.5″ squares. Last week? two weeks ago? I colour sorted all my commercial packages of charm squares:


And got this:


So then I had to file it into all the rest, so I pulled those out:


Arial shot (above) and table level (below).


The categories I have: black, grey, brown, white on white, multi-coloured, purple, blue, turquoise, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, low-volume, beige, solids. I have a hard time with beige as it could really be broken into brown/low-volume. But I waffle over that so I leave beige as its own category.

And just for fun:


Why yes, that pile of blue squares IS 5.75″ high. I don’t think I have enough yet. 😉