Laying it out

Trying to plan colour placement before I start with fabric, so graph paper and pencil crayons instead.




I can’t remember if this set of pencil crayons is the set I got for Christmas when I was in university, way back in the mid-90s. If so, they’re well travelled but still in great shape.


And since this is a block in progress, I’m linking up with Quilter in the Closet for “building blocks Tuesday.”

Laying it out

Day 378

It’s been ages since I sewed. I think. Can’t remember specifically.

I’m itching to start new projects but being firm about finishing some languishing projects first. In anticipation of starting a new project (yay! can’t wait!) I played tonight to cheer myself up. I used my blue pile because WHY is that always the biggest pile of fabric? Blue isn’t even my favourite colour!


I’ve been looking forward to this one for a couple of years now. Except that each block┬átakes 60 coloured squares, 60 background squares and 24 HST. To make this with my favourite 2.5″ squares I need three inch squares for the HST. Which I’ve allowed to be a stumbling block for oh, a couple of years now.

Unless I change the design.


Trying it with some background squares (all low volume vs low volume and solid neutral.)


What about some value play? Obviously I need a better pull from my stock of squares but it’s enough to get the idea.

Or this version?

Still mulling over the possibilities, details, and math of both blocks and layouts.

Day 378