Day 169

Or 13×13 if you like math-y things.

I have finally realized and admitted this out loud in my head that I do not find “obligation sewing” to be relaxing, even though I’m sewing. Brownie badges, school play capes, and this month’s #mighty lucky club have all been “must do-s” instead of “want to-s” recently which means I haven’t sewn anything I like (since about, oh, last month).

Anyway, I’m grumpy so I’m complaining instead of celebrating. Let’s start again: Hooray! Tonight I sewed five whole blocks for the 15 minute improv blue quilt. The difference I feel now in my chest and my head is significant and I will ponder it more. Yay for sewing!


Day 167

Did you know that it is fast approaching the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death? That is still a month away but next week the elementary school is doing a kid-friendly version of Julius Caesar, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, As You Like It, and Romeo and Juliet. The narrators do a sing-song rhyming synopsis of Bill’s life. B is a narrator with four verses to memorize and she needs a white top, black pants, and a CAPE!

So this morning I turned this most excellent couch cover, only 7.99$ from Value Village!, into:


this excellent cape! Ankle length on an 8 year old. Knee length on mum. Really hard to photograph.


B made the tassels on the weekend. They are the perfect finishing touch.

Day 50

Sewing but not quilting today. Hallowe’en prep continues apace and I think we’re done. I rigged the shoulder harness for Swoops the owl to rest on Athena’s shoulder, sewed the buttons along the top of the chiton, and made wrist bracers. (Think superhero style wrist cuffs for those). I got some holographic shimmer stretchy fabric and they look super. Best part is a happy girl.

And perhaps tomorrow there will be a happy mama doing some quilting!

(I did also spend a wee bit of time making two blog posts for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival hosted by Amy’s Creative Side. I’m in the MODERN category and the ORIGINAL DESIGN category.)

Day 49

Lots of sewing! Added another five logs to all my blocks, and wow are these getting big! Final block size will be 21.5″ square, so think FQ size! Right now they’re 16″ square, so I’m getting there!

And Hallowe’en got into full swing today. I made the Little Witch cape and I was amazed at how precise W was about the fit. She’s four. B was stoked to have her chiton nearly done for Athena. And we popped over to the local fabric shop for buttons to finish it off. I just have to attach the buttons and rig the harness to make the owl sit on her shoulder!