Days off are just the best. I’ve been working almost flat-out for more than a month now and mostly my days off have been frantically “catch-up,-do-all-the-things” but things have calmed? are calming? down enough that I took today to do a massive sort and tidy.

My sewing cupboard in my kitchen cum studio has become rather disheveled so I pulled everything out and sorted and tidied and remembered some of what I have.

  • I have some rather good fabric that I like quite a lot.
  • I have some rather crap fabric and “where on earth did that even come from?”
  • A nearly five years old intended project that I’m never, ever going to make, so I took apart the fabric stack.
  • More batting bits than I realized, so that was nice to discover. All those [unblogged] quilt finishes have yielded scraps and bits and leftovers likely enough for a couple of small quilts.


I also overworked my credit card by joining the Canadian Quilter’s Association and while I was there I submitted a few quilts for consideration for the National Juried Show. Fingers crossed for me! (Probably not, but damn is Hope a tricky one.)