Day 376

Today was an #mqgsewday, where members of the MQG share whatever they’re sewing on Instagram. Watching kids does not make for easy sewing so I went for the tidying of sewing supplies. I have a bin of random craft/sewing/art stuff in the garage and a sort of similar bin downstairs. Husband has been agitating for paring down so with not being able to sew,  I tried to see exactly what I have.


In-process arial shot.


Drafting tools and supplies, drawing and art supplies, three sizes of pipe cleaner including actual cleaners for pipes, old phone wire, beading wire, random: patches, snaps, and embroidery hoops, a third tracing wheel (never opened), two different styles of reverse tweezers, wool felt of three kinds, acrylic felt of two kinds, calculator from grade eight, school box from grade six, lighting gel sample book from university, wooden spool collection, random zippers (mostly huge, separating and/or ugly colours), car seat strap webbing from B’s car seat, styrofoam balls leftover from a hallowe’en costume three years ago, etc, etc.

Ta-done! One empty bin. Ran out of label tape at the crucial moment though.


Found some thing I’ll never use:

A close up for my fellow Canadians!


I went to university with a girl from St. Marys.

And I found a 6 inch scrap of honest to goodness gold braid. Woven with metal wires, and I have no idea where it came from.



Day 304

I’ve been spending a lot of time this summer with my friend Natalie. She joined the guild a year ago and volunteered in March to be our librarian. (“What’s geekier than being in a quilt guild? Being the librarian for a quilt guild!” is what her husband said when she volunteered.)

Anyway, her daughter is six months older than my B and they’re both into crafts. B fell in love with the pompom maker craft kit she saw at Natalie’s house and was desperate to buy a skein of yarn to populate our house with fuzzy things. I fobbed her off with promises of a secret yarn stash downstairs.

I bought all this when we lived in Nova Scotia in 2009-2010. Guess I liked rainbows back then too.


Day 202

No sewing, so FAIL. I did have ten minutes to kill while waiting for a cake to cool so I played with some needle-felted spheres I made a while back. Probably 2009? 2010? I needle-felted them but always disliked their size (about as big as a loonie) and lack of density. So I tried wet felting them today.

Yay! They’re smaller (nickel sized? quarter sized?) and more dense. Aaaaaannnnnndddd they look like pompoms. Not handcrafted wool balls. Sigh.

At least the cake was awesome – a fluffy coconut cake with white chocolate cream cheese icing. The icing is the best part of this one.


The black one has been made smaller. I pulled them all out of the sink to take a picture, hence the slightly bedraggled appearance to them all.