Crosscut Quilt-Along, a finished quilt

Ta-done! Today I finished my version of the #crosscutquiltalong hosted by Debbie @aquilterstable on instagram.

Here is my finished quilt:


Here’s the back:


And a close up of the quilting.


This was lots of fun to do in a group – I’ve never really done a quilt along before so that was exciting. Sharing pictures with everyone was also pretty great. Having a hot pink quilt amongst a lot of low volume ones certainly stands out.

I was going to upload some process pics from my phone but on the way to the cable I dropped the phone and now I have two white lines of death. The internet tells me its fixable, but not on a Saturday night it’s not. So I’m thrilled that my quilt is finished and bummed about the phone.

This quilt was on my finish along list for quarter 3 so this will be linked up sometime in the fall.

Edited to add: this got a shout-out on Debbie’s blog.

Day 325

I took yesterday off from the #crosscutquiltalong. On Wednesday, after we had sewed the blocks into a 9 patch, we had to cut it into 16 smaller blocks. I had no problem doing that (some people were reluctant to do this) but I shot myself in the foot with trying to be clever. So then I had to fix my mistake which was frustrating and grumpy-making so yesterday I said fuck it and we went to the beach.

Happiness is hanging out somewhere pretty with enough food for kids.

Today was payday so I skipped down to the fabric store and bought me some stripes for the mighty lucky challenge. I’ve got just a couple of days before the next challenge is posted.


This is the fabric Cheryl suggested from my short list and I think I’ll be glad of this choice. The stripes are nice and clear and hopefully easy to match. I love the photo bomb too.

Day 322

While I’m working away at the Crosscut quilt along on Instagram with Debbie @A Quilter’s Table, I’m also thinking about the July challenge for the Mighty Lucky club. (Quick recap: Cheryl’s in charge, and it’s about large scale or directional prints.)

I started here:


I had the fabric, it’s a stripe. Good enough I thought! But I knew that really the colour difference was not enough. Or non-existant really. And Cheryl commented that the print is quite subtle too. Moral: free fabric is sometimes not appropriate.

Version 2.0

On the weekend I went through every single piece of fabric I own. In the house, under the bed, the garage stash. I had three pieces that were possible. One was less than a fat 1/8th, one was again too subtle. But the third piece, said Goldilocks, was just right! I thought HARD about what block to make to best showcase the scale of the print.

I give you…


I only noticed the mistakes when uploading the picture. Dammit.

But I had a kind friend who took my kids for an hour tonight and I went to check out the sale table at my LQS (which is actually an everything-but-upholstery fabric store).


A – too pale and fiddly

B – a bold choice!

C -ugly as sin but could be really fun

D – fun but limited options

E – ditto too fiddly, lots of options though

F – Brandon Mably, you choose weird colours.

There is a 1/2 metre minimum so I can’t get them all. I think I’ll probably go for C. Maybe some B too. At least I made it through SEVEN WHOLE months of Mighty Lucky and birthday charm swap without buying any fabric for any of them. Yay me.

Day 321

The trick to getting lots of sewing time with two kids underfoot seems to be saying YES to screen time. We don’t have a tv at our house and we’re pretty up-tight about how much the kids watch/poke the ipad, but this afternoon was YES. (This is also week two of daily swim lessons and yesterday was a seven hour on-foot expedition wandering around downtown so our physical activity has been pretty high recently. And yes, I am justifying my parenting to strangers on the internet.)


Today was the first day of the #crosscutquiltalong hosted by Debbie @A Quilter’s Table. I’ll share pictures of this later. Or you can check out my instagram feed if you can’t wait.



I also sewed more test blocks for the polaroid shadow/sashing. Go here for the first round, aka the FAIL round of blocks.

From left to right we have: medium grey/essex blend, sketch crosshatch/medium grey, and light grey/essex blend.

The middle one was my friend Netta’s idea from a couple of days ago; she suggested I switch the sketch with the grey. And she blogs too, check hers out.

For fun I made a few collages. Check these out!

med grey : essex

..sketch : med grey grey : essex

I’m open to feedback so let me know your favourite: purple octopus, green octopus, or starfish!

And since this continues to be a work in progress I’m linking up with: