Log Cabin Progress

Even though life is busy (oh how it’s busy!) and I’m sick, I’ve made progress on my artsy log cabin quilt. I’ve had this idea for a year or two now and I think it will fit nicely for an art show call for entry. I made a bunch of blocks but decided to start over and go smaller.

I went from eight blocks like this:


4″ square, finished.

to this one:


3.5″ finished. And that crumb near the bottom is mighty irritating.

Since I liked the smaller block with tiny logs more, I ripped apart the blocks I had made. (That sounds like I went all Hulk on them but really I just used my stitch ripper while watching tv.)

This morning I resewed the blocks, yay!


And then I cut fabric for three and a half hours.


This is a sandwich size container with 842 pieces of fabric in it. Mind boggling isn’t it? The smallest is 1.5″x .75″ and the largest is 4″x.75″. The polka dot fabric pieces are 1.5″ square.

To heck with 50 shades of grey, that’s 41 tints of white.

And to get some encouragement for the finish line, I’m linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts and My Quilt Infatuation.



Tip of the day

If you have a cardinal rule about something, you shouldn’t break that rule. No matter what.

My rule is no cutting fabric after dinner as I will make mistakes.


I carefully layered my fabric and cut two identical border lengths. Sigh.

Tomorrow (before dinner) I will cut some cornerstones.

Polaroids, now with more iron!

Finished the shadow sashing on all the polaroids today. Cut the sashing needed for the left side of each block. Scrap quilting is lots of fun but you don’t get to cut yardage the same way.

Doubled layers of fabric. Four WOF strips. 28 subcuts per strip. 224 pieces. Done so fast.


Kona Iron, all cut up


It’s so tidy, I can’t wait to sew!


Linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts and My Quilt Infatuation.

Day 425

If I said I cut some charm squares today would you be surprised? Leave here and never come back? With sick kids lolling on the kitchen couch it’s an easy, quiet thing to do.

November has four ladies in the facebook birthday charm swap group. The combined requests are: 25 low volume, 25 b+w prints, 25 white or low volume, 25 cobalt blue, 50 modern tone on tone in any rainbow colour, and 50 modern tone on tone in pink/red/lime/turquoise/navy. Phew!

I started with my stash of pre-cut-from-friend’s-scraps then cut from my stash. I just need a few birthday stickers and then I can mail these!

IMG_1563.JPGFor Julia, who was super generous when it was my birthday month so I cut her a few extras.

Looking forward to some sewing this week.