Day 188

It’s spring break this week (yes, I know lots of people call it March Break but it’s fully mid-spring here) which means non-stop kids at my house!

Which also means no sewing at my house!

Closest I got to fabric today was Mr. Handwrought asked at dinner “how much does the fabric cost for a quilt anyway?”…..Busted! Not entirely though as I am frugal to a point of ridiculousness. I don’t buy every fabric I like or want. I do buy fabric on sale. At thrift stores. With birthday money (my sister gives me birthday/fabric money and I’m damn lucky for that since I’m almost 40).

And the cost depends how big the quilt is and how small the pieces are 😉

TL;DR: He wants me to open an etsy shop to sell my quilts.

floor-7.jpgHere’s a picture to make up for lack of sewing. It’s a spray painted floor in Spain by artist Javier de Riba. Image found HERE. I think this would be a fun paper pieced block. Or maybe I just like the colours.