On Reconsidering Fabric

Last week I took it upon myself to resort my fabrics.

Doing so was prompted by my mask making in April. After making some two dozen I realized I had in fact used up some of my fabric. The the pattern I used called for a long strip and a 9″ square, and it was sometimes hard to find a piece of fabric big enough to accommodate both.

When all that was done I sorted what was left. I can’t really claim that a single 6″ square is yardage now can I? Nor a long FQ that’s been cut full of holes from fussy cutting. Yet I had been.

From nine shoeboxes I’m down to seven and a bit. I also culled a bunch of random bits for a guild garage sale someday far in the future.


I’ve been at home since April 7th and my husband quickly insisted on moving my sewing machine table to the garage. To keep the longarm company? Because my machine is old and loud? Whatever. I now have a wee space of my own.


Day 408

People can be so nice can’t they? There was guild meeting tonight and one of the members who also reads my blog (Hi Barb!) brought me a bolt of grey from her stash that she thought might be iron. Read yesterday’s post for the trauma about iron.

The swatch is so close but isn’t quite right. As I don’t have a KONA colour card [yet] I just go by the computer screen and this might be medium grey or steel, probably steel. Regardless of what it is, it doesn’t match what I’ve got going on so far. Boo.

The hunt continues, and thanks so much Barb!

Day 311

It’s kind of a long story, and the details aren’t really mine to tell but I can tell you that instead of the 1.5m I wanted of this fabric I was given the bolt. It feels weird to be complaining about free fabric but wow, that’s a lot of fabric. A LOT of fabric.


I’m estimating there are approximately 12m here so you will be seeing this fabric in future projects. I will also sell some if anyone is interested. Anyone? Bueller?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it’s halfway through July so I thought it high time to start my mighty lucky challenge. Cheryl Arkison is in charge this time around and her topic is “One Fabric, One Quilt.” It’s all about using striped or directional prints, or large scale prints. And since I had an epic tonne of a stripe hanging around…

My first two blocks.


Yes, the colour really is that obnoxious.


Since it’s new fabric in my stash I might as well link up with Molli Sparkles!

Day 212

A week or two ago I was thinking about the backing for this ever lasting, does not ever shut up about 15 minute blocks blue/orange scrap quilt. I went through my bin of larger pieces to see if anything was suitable or big enough.

I did find three pieces of a print (one of each of the colourways available). Each was .5m so with a bit more, the three could have been big enough for my backing. Except that ….. I kind of hate them now. How did this happen?

Last summer one of my LQSs had some fabric that I just LOVED. LOVED this fabric. I love the designer, I loved the fabric online. So I bought half a metre just to have it. I loved it so much I actually ordered the other two colourways ONLINE (vvv rare for me to do this) so that I could have them all.

And now I hate them. I think the colours are a bit odd and the pattern is only meh.

I’ve heard it said that you should buy fabric specifically for a project. Or buy it and use it right away because your tastes will change. I never believed it before….

IMG_2832 copy

I cropped it and ran it through the black and white fuzzy generator. I’ll give you a prize if you can actually figure out the designer.