Day 247

A bunch of fails (non-sewing days) in a row…but the mini-charms have started arriving. I opened the nine that have arrived so far. Remember I had asked for 50 unique fabrics of any sort, style, colour, print, etc. I don’t care what the fabric looks like, just send me 50 different ones.

A few people didn’t get that memo, or maybe they didn’t care. So I was disappointed. Probably more disappointed than I should be. I find it hard to metabolize disappointments. I blame my childhood.


But six ladies so far have been awesome. Happy birthday to me!

Day 247

2016 Finish Along, Q2



What’s that old saw about good intentions? I had lots. Of intentions, but not successes. My first quarter of the finish-a-long was a FAIL. Giant Fail. EPIC fail. Zero percent.

Let’s try again shall we? I’m going to roll over my entire list and see how far I get this time.

  1. blue 15 minute blocks project

It was just blocks (and not enough of them) three months ago. Now the top is done and it’s layered and basted. I actually got further than I had expected on this. Quilt it and bind it.


2. Finish one of the big quilts, either rainbow or grey tea leaves

These are super queens, something around 96″ square. And my domestic is tiny. Both are half quilted and that needs to change. I will get ONE of these done this quarter. Same.

3. My soccer hexie project.

Buy background fabric, layer, baste, quilt. Also pull out the templates. Write a blog post for the history and multi-year design process on this one. Same.


4. gap improv

Right now the blue/yellow bit is all quilted. Nothing else is though. Finish the quilting on this. Bind it. I have the black outside border, the pink, and the orange/pink borders to quilt.


5. Husband door quilt

FML on this one. I need to add another row on the bottom. Talk husband out of “it needs to be bigger!”. Usual layer, baste, quilt, bind. Figure out how to hang it. SAME.

Value: barn raising

6. I’m in the Mighty Lucky club, so that will be an ongoing project each month. Putting it on my list to keep myself accountable.


And a new project on the list!

7. Make it Modern – my guild challenge is due next week. This will be a guaranteed finish for sure. I had great energy starting it….and then nothing. Decide layout, remove papers and basting threads, glue down, layer/baste, quilt, bind. You know, not much to do at all.


I’m linking up with Stacey at SLOStudio (and all the other hosts). Good luck everyone!



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2016 Finish Along, Q2

Day 220

Definitely no sewing here today. Boo. I think I’ve been grumpy this week because of not sewing. I feel guilting sewing when I have so many other things to do (the previously mentioned taxes and guild stuff). So I feel miserable about all of it and do none of it.

But it was the “get to know each other” potluck for softball tonight. I pulled out my favourite quilt to use as a picnic blanket, and it’s ALWAYS a conversation starter. I hang out with quilters so much I forget that quilting seems magical to non-sewers. So that’s a fun ego boost.

Scrap Vomit

This one is from long before blog, it’s lifetime quilt #13 and was completed in March 2013. It contains 2,401 2.5″ squares. Of the 1,825 print squares there is only one duplicate. I swapped fabric with 34 people in 7 countries on 4 continents. The original pattern is called Steps to the Altar but this version is called “scrap vomit” by the wonderful Katy Jones.

Day 220

Day 218

Not much sewing here today. A couple of badges on the brownie sash for B. and yesterday I quickly added some box pleats to the pockets of her birthday skirt. Nothing like setting up the sewing machine at 7:55 to get that done before school! The line of the pockets are much improved now. I like knowing how to make tweaks like that.

And I have an itch to start a new project, not because I need to, but just because it would be more exciting than pulling out one of the many half-finished projects lying around.

I finished my massive book today. Let’s count that as a win! I’ve been slogging through the Outlander series and started book 5 on March 25th. Finished it today (yes, that is 20 days on one book) but it averages at more than 75 pages per day (1443 pages total).

Day 218