2018 Finish Along, Q4

I’m getting better at planning and being realistic (high fives for being a grown-up!) Some projects just need to get done. They don’t need to be on a list, or lingering unfinished for months and even years. In that vein I’m going for a more modest list than my usual list of epic proportions.

Three of these are intended for QuiltCon submissions, so that’s enough of a prompt. One is a baby quilt. And one (the napkins) have been on every list for a couple of years at least.

In no particular order:

  1. bind the Jacob’s Ladder quilt
  2. bury threads and bind my original sampler quilt
  3. bury threads and bind my X&+ quilt
  4. gd cloth napkins. I’ve cut them out at least…
  5. work through an idea for a quiltcon quilt and get it done obviously
  6. baby quilt. It needs to be in “earth tones” whatever those are.

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted pictures of allllll these in every other list I made.

I’m linking up for accountability and glory with the lovely hosts of the Finish Along!

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Wonky Stars

A finished quilt.


I collected these from the instagram wonky star swap earlier this year. Rather than let them languish I whipped up this quilt in just a week or two. Quilted it in under five hours. Trimmed and bound it just as quickly.

In fact I bound it the afternoon of quilt guild meeting. Didn’t notice that my sweater matched the binding!









This block below is my favourite in the whole quilt. Orange and blue forever!


A better look at the fabulous backing. I wish I had bolts and bolts of this. It’s super.


**This quilt is for sale.** Email or message me.

Quilt Stats:

Title: Wonky Stars

Lifetime quilt no.: 76

Started: August 3, 2018

Finished: September 20, 2018

Size: 60″x80″

Number of pieces: loads.

Quilting: longarm pantograph. totally generic light grey poly? thread on top, generic sassy yellow thread in the bobbin.

Previous posts about this one are HERE in reverse chronological order.

This was on my 2018 Q3 FAL list, so yay! Also linking up with Finish it up Friday with Crazy Mom Quilts.


Polaroid Quilt

A finished quilt.

Hannah_Nicole_Photo Album_Full

I’m sharing this finish as part of the Bloggers Quilt Festival. Not because I’m doing a dramatic reveal, but because I’ve been lazy about this one.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 4.36.38 PM.png

It’s thrilling to have this finished. It was a big project but a fun one so it never went through the tedious and/or ugly phase many projects go through. [Actually, the quilting was a bit nuts. I did about 60% of the quilting, hated it and ripped it out. Tried a different style which I liked much much better.]


But. But. I submitted it to Quiltcon in the piecing category. Denied. Submitted it to the Canadian National Juried Show. Denied again.

Hannah_Nicole_Photo Album_Detail

A bit of time has been a salve and seeing these pictures again renews my excitement about it. No idea what I’ll do with it, but still!

Quilt Stats:

Title: Polaroid Quilt

Lifetime quilt no.: 70 (I’m working on 77-79 right now)

Started: May 17, 2016

Finished: November 28, 2017

Size: 54″x70″

Number of pieces: 2264

Quilting: Straight line, walking foot

Tonnes of blog posts about it, in reverse chronological order.

This was on my 2018 Q3 list for the Finish-Along.

Also linking up with Michelle, From Bolt to Beauty for her “bragging about your beauties.”

2018 Finish Along, Q3

Because I’m either stupid or fool-hardy or both, or maybe it’s just optimism, I am rolling over my ENTIRE LIST AGAIN. Because I finished ONE of those projects in the past three months. And I’ll add a few too for good measure.

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FAL Q3.jpg

Go here for details on all these quilts/projects.

No pictures, but all awesome:

  • Turn mini quilt into pillow
  • bury threads and bind my X&+ quilt
  • Family sewing:
    • Xmas 2017 pjs for husband
    • birthday shirt/shorts for B
    • birthday ??? for W
    • new skirt for me, because I don’t have enough to do or skirts to wear
  • charity quilt for my guild using guild fabrics
  • finish quilting a charity quilt of my aunt’s
  • blog my last 2? 3? quilt finishes.

The 2018 FAL is hosted by a community of bloggers across the world. The hosts are:


I think I’ll go with optimistic for these. Always.