2018 Finish Along, Q3

Because I’m either stupid or fool-hardy or both, or maybe it’s just optimism, I am rolling over my ENTIRE LIST AGAIN. Because I finished ONE of those projects in the past three months. And I’ll add a few too for good measure.

2018 Finish A Long Logo 2


FAL Q3.jpg

Go here for details on all these quilts/projects.

No pictures, but all awesome:

  • Turn mini quilt into pillow
  • bury threads and bind my X&+ quilt
  • Family sewing:
    • Xmas 2017 pjs for husband
    • birthday shirt/shorts for B
    • birthday ??? for W
    • new skirt for me, because I don’t have enough to do or skirts to wear
  • charity quilt for my guild using guild fabrics
  • finish quilting a charity quilt of my aunt’s
  • blog my last 2? 3? quilt finishes.

The 2018 FAL is hosted by a community of bloggers across the world. The hosts are:


I think I’ll go with optimistic for these. Always.


2018 Finish Along, Q2

Out of the 11 projects I ambitiously listed for the first quarter of this year, here are my results.

2018 Finish A Long Logo 2

2 – done!

1 – close!

1 – started!

7 – ZERO progress

Which means it’s time to try again.

This is the nearly-done, just bury threads and bind it already group:

  • my first quilt!
  • blue 15 min X&+
And then in other states of being:
  • This fabric pull is too pretty to abandon though the original project no longer is in play. I have an idea for what to use this for.


  • Napkins for kids. I’ve had the shark goldfish fabric for a while and the alphabet fabric for a very long while. Worn out napkins are on the left. Great fabric though.


  • #Wonkystars2018 swap. I made mine and got these in return. Add sashing, make quilt, finish quilt.
  • Family sewing: Husband’s Christmas pjs and adding some birthday shorts for the newly minted “tween.” no picture for these
  • start and finish this one. I want to longarm it in March May so I need to make another ~40 blocks, etc.


  • Decide what I’m doing with this quilt. Purpose made and now pointless. Might become a cutter quilt. fix and finish binding on Fancy fox
  • Blog my last FOUR finishes. Ugh.
  • Charity quilt for my guild. It’s an epic pull of fabric which is exciting.

That’s eleven probably mostly achievable projects. Come back in a few months to see how I did.

The 2018 FAL is hosted by a community of bloggers across the world. The hosts are:


MQG Mini swap, a completed quilt

This has been received and appreciated so I can finally share with all of you.

I’ll give you a quick little photo tour of the progress shots but first here is my mini quilt I sent off to Albuquerque NM to a lovely and very accomplished quilter named Jan.


Jan likes water and mountains and hand-dyed fabrics and I was stumped. I had some triangles in solid fabrics leftover from an abandoned project and wondered if I could put them to use.


A preliminary fabric pull.


An expanded fabric pull, taking into account Jan’s hand-dyed colour ombré works.IMG_5146

Skip a few steps along to here:


I quilted the ombré bars first in an orange (top) and a purple thread (bottom). Yes, the bottom thread is purple. A weird, mauve-ish purple that looks brown and purple and blue.


I quilted each triangle differently in matching threads and did straightline quilting in the black bars and pebbles in the centre background.


Don’t look too closely at the binding. Actually, the binding is awesome, as are three fourths of the corners. That last damn corner annoys me because I totally fluffed it.

My absolute fave part is the back. I remember when I bought this fabric the store owner said to me “you certainly aren’t afraid of colour.” No Penny, I am NOT afraid of colour.


Orange thread in the bobbin because I always use different threads top and bottom.


Quilt Stats:

Title: MQG Mini Swap, Desert Mtns for Jan

Lifetime quilt no.: 72

Started: February 2, 2018

Finished: February 12, 2018

Size: 15″x21″

Number of pieces: lots and lots and lots

Quilting: detailed above

Fabric: solids of various brands and Brandon Mably “Casbah” print

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and this was also on my Q1 Finish Along list.

Wonky Star Swap, ta-done!

In the taking names and getting stuff done category I present to you my contributions to the #Wonkystars2018 co-ordinated by Rachel Lancer!


One lady asked very graciously for black backgrounds, which was an easy request to accommodate.

The requests after that got more and more elaborate which contributed inversely to my satisfaction about making the blocks.


These stars are ~12″ finished. I think.


This batch used my beloved 2.5″ squares, so will be 6″ finished.

But piecing is piecing which is lovely and enjoyable. So yay!

I am waiting on another eight blocks to arrive and then I’ll have a look at my blocks all together and make a plan for what to do.

This was also on my 2018 Q1 FAL list to get done. Ta-done!