HST Value Quilt, a finished quilt

Ta-done! What a thrilling feeling it is to finish a quilt, especially an annoying long standing work in progress.


This has also been called the “door quilt” for a while. In our previous house it was to be a quilt to cover the door of the living room so that when husband was working and I was sewing, the sound of the machine would be somewhat blocked. Think of it as an artistic sound baffle.

The quilt never got finished and then we moved. This new house has a door in our entrance foyer which leads to the downstairs suite. It has ugly extra hinges and a funny door lock which are badly installed and actual duct tape sealing the bottom. Nice house, but this door is super sketchy looking.

Husband asked me if I had any quilts the right size to cover up a door. You know that emoji that has the rather stunned look to it? That was me right then. I had to ‘fess up and remind him about this quilt he’d asked for and I had never finished. Oops. But perfect.

The fabrics are not my favourite (but they were free). I did learn a lot about value. Especially this:  if you use the same fabric as both a light and a dark you will shoot yourself in the foot come time to layout.


batik charm pack colours

I wish I had done different layouts in each row – economy blocks, zigzags, streak of lightning. I was over-ruled by the husband (who is a completely traditional quilter. Weird.) He liked the barn raising set best.

Previous posts about this quilt are here, herehere, herehere, here, and here. It has also been on the list every quarter of the Finish-along for the past two years. I worked on it non-stop for a ten day period in early November 2015 before shelving it in frustration. Nine and a half months later (Aug. 31, 2016) I made the last 20 blocks needed. Then nothing until mid-Sept this year, when I added the last two rows in about 30 minutes. Pieced a backing in another 30 minutes. Loaded it on the long arm and quilted it up! That part took me maayyybe a couple of hours? Bound it by machine and hung it up. Ta-done.

Husband is pleased: he likes the quilt, the door is now nicer looking, and there is one less unfinished quilts hanging around.

Quilt Stats:

Title: HST Value/Door Quilt

Lifetime quilt no.: 67

Started: November 1, 2015

Finished: October 2, 2017

Size: 40.5″ x 88.5″

Number of pieces: 440

Quilting: straight line done with channel locks on my longarm. Thread used was orange! Superior bottom line on the top and blue Superior bottom line in the bobbin. It was leftover and magically worked with all the colours.

Celebrating the it’s finally finished feeling with Crazy Mom Quilts, Let’s Bee Social, and My Quilt Infatuation. Will also link up with the Finish A-long come time. Have a great weekend everyone.


Q4, 2017 Finish A-long

I recently updated and fiddled with my spreadsheet of lifetime quilts, quilts in progress, idea file. Just in time too as the link up for the last quarter of the 2017 Finish A-long is open now.

Rolling over a bunch of stuff from many previous lists…am too lazy to work out just how many previous lists.

This is the nearly-done, just bury threads and bind it already squad:

  • fix and finish binding on Fancy fox
  • gridlocked/cross hatch
  • blue 15 min X&+
  • rainbow log cabin grey/white
And then in other states of being:
Value: barn raising
  • door quilt (add two more rows, layer, quilt, bind)
  • buy a minky backing and puffy batting. Tie it for the quilting. Bind.
  • Polaroid is layered and basted. I quilted 70% percent of it and ripped that out. Quilt it again and bind.
  • This fabric pull is too pretty to abandon though the original project no longer is in play. I have an idea for what to use this for.
Hannah-Untitled ORIGINAL IMAGE
  • This is is from WAYYYYY before blogging, started in January 2014. Time to get this done.
  • Rounding it out for an even 10 projects, napkins for kids. I’ve had the shark goldfish fabric for a while and the alphabet fabric for a very long while. Worn out napkins are on the right.

Time to get ALL of these done. I am ripping through my WIP list; I want to start new things and try out ideas to see where those takes me. Linking up with the global hosts of the 2017 Finish A-long.

  • Sarah – Sew me – Northern Ireland
  • Judith – Just Jude – Northern Ireland

2017 Finish along Q2 review

Way back when, all the way back in early April I cheerfully and optimistically over-estimated how much I could get finished this quarter. You can go here to see my list.

Ooof. I used to get stuck on the getting it quilted stage. Now I’m stuck on the burying threads stage.

1. Gridlocked quilt, trimmed, and bound

Still to do: bury threads, bind.

2. rainbow log cabin, quilting fixed in one spot, then trimmed, and bound

Still to do: bury threads, bind. And fix that bit of quilting.

3. blue 15 min X&+, quilted, trimmed, and bound

Still to do: bury threads, bind.

4. Polaroid quilt, blocks sewn together, etc etc

I actually did get the top sewn together (yay!), and I have the batting and the backing ready to go.

5. art piece to submit for a show with a deadline

I actually got this one done!! But it wasn’t accepted to the show, and I don’t know what to do with the quilt.

WHBS FULL online

6. tooth fairy pillow for W. The client is being particular about the details.

Ditto for this one!!

7. Slab blocks for the Canada Ronald McDonald thingie using the Riley Blake MQG challenge fabric.

NOPE. And got all stuck on writer’s block for making it.

8. soccer hexie, make background and appliqué, etc etc

I’ve been working on this quilt since 2012, and thinking about it for longer. I really don’t care anymore about this one.

9. mighty lucky bananas quilt, get backing, etc etc

Still like it.

10. F door quilt, sew a few more rows, then etc etc

Totally hate this one so I never work on it. I bet it will finish easier than I am expecting.

I linked up my 2/10 finishes with Leanne at She Can Quilt.

Tooth fairy pillow

My wee one had a wiggly tooth a month or so ago. I thought I had time enough to make a tooth fairy pillow before the tooth fell out. But I forgot about older sisters.

B helped things along and ripped that tooth out around 8:45 one night (well after lights out). Both girls piled into the living room, one holding the tooth aloft and the other jutting out her bleeding gum, both ecstatic. We started work on the tooth fairy pillow the next day.

But it got put away for a while forgotten about, and then W had another wiggly tooth. I found the fairy fabric again but moved slowly. Darned if that new wiggly tooth didn’t get yanked out the next day! W did it herself, at school so that she would get the coveted plastic tooth-shaped tooth holder necklace. That afternoon we made the pillow in about half an hour.


Not fabrics I would have chosen or how I wanted to make it, but W is very, very happy with her pillow. She was most adamant that the tooth fairy needed to look like a fairy, not a tooth. Luckily I had a few of these fairy charm squares I bought for 50¢ at a garage sale a while back.

I had no polyfil so I folded up a skinny strip of batting; this is the flattest pillow ever.

All scraps, yay. And finished, extra yay. This was on my 2017 FAL Q2 list.

It amazes me how different two kids can be. B had a strong hand in making her pillow years ago. For this one the tooth goes in the mouth, money in the pocket on the back. This tooth fairy pillow was inspired by this one here.


Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilt of course!