2017 FAL, Q2

2017-fal-button-300-1-1AKA the 2017 Finish A-long, second quarter.

For my first quarter I did sort of okay, finishing two of the ten I wanted to get done. I got close on two more but we all know close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Trying again, here’s my list. And wow, this will take me all the way to the end of the school year.


Oldies but likely to get done:

1. Gridlocked quilt, trimmed, and bound

2. rainbow log cabin, quilting fixed in one spot, then trimmed, and bound

3. blue 15 min X&+, quilted, trimmed, and bound

4. Polaroid quilt, blocks sewn together, etc etc

New works in progress:

5. art piece to submit for a show with a deadline

6. tooth fairy pillow for W. The client is being particular about the details.

7. Slab blocks for the Canada Ronald McDonald thingie using the Riley Blake MQG challenge fabric.

Really unlikely to get done but I’m including them anyway just in case I *do* get them done:

8. soccer hexie, make background and appliqué, etc etc

9. mighty lucky bananas quilt, get backing, etc etc

10. F door quilt, sew a few more rows, then etc etc


So there we go! Thanks to all the hosts and all the sponsors. Good luck everyone.

2017 FAL, Q2

Mini Swap, a finished quilt

Ta-done! My mini quilt for the inaugural MQG swap.


Grey thread on rainbow for the front and rainbow thread on grey for the back. I stitched in the ditch and carried the lines through to the outside, creating an uneven grid.


I hope my swap partner likes this as much as I do.


I shared progress shots earlier, go here to see. This will be mailed tomorrow during my lunch break. SK in USA this is for you!

Quilt Stats:

Title: MQG Swap Quilt

Lifetime quilt no. 63

Started: Monday, February 6, 2017

Finished: Thursday, February 9, 2017

Size: 19″ square

Number of pieces: 56

Quilting: straight line quilting with some sort of grey Gutterman thread (top) and variegated Coats and Clark (bottom)

Fabrics: 86% of this is scraps with only two prints and two solids from yardage. Some prints from fancy celebrity designers and others totally random and generic. All beautiful. Kona, Bella, and Colorworks solids. Backing is Crosshatch? from Architextures? by Carolyn Friedlander and was a scrap as well.

Linking up of course for Finish it up Friday with Crazy Mom Quilts! and Scraptastic Tuesday with She Can Sew.

And this was on my Q1 list for the 2017 FAL.

Mini Swap, a finished quilt

2017 Finish Along

Here’s to another round of the finish along! It just keeps getting better and bigger every year. The logo this year is a beaut!

2017 FAL BUTTON 300 (1) (1).jpg

If you’re new around here, this is a good description of what the FAL is:

The FAL is a low pressure community event that allows you to make a list of projects that have already been started but not finished and thus are hanging about in your sewing room as UFOs. The list is linked up at the beginning of a quarter and then at the end of the quarter you link up a link for each item on your list that you finished. Each link is an entry into the random draw for great prizes sponsored by our generous sponsors. There is no penalty for not finishing something on your list. 

I had moderate success in 2016; here’s what I finished in each quarter:  Q1 0%, Q2 29%, Q3 36%, Q4 23%. I’m actually okay with these numbers because I still got projects finished. Which is a good thing!

Here is what I’m attempting for 2017 Q1, and what step I’m at in the project.

1 soccer hexie applique
2 gridlocked/cross hatch backing, quilt, bind
3 Mighty Lucky July – bananas backing, quilt, bind
4 charm squares quilt / scrappy stars layout
5 blue 15 min X&+ quilt and bind
6 rainbow log cabin grey/white quilt and bind
7 F door quilt rows
8 polaroid quilt sashing

To interpret my notes for you: two need to find backings and get quilted and bound, two have backings and need quilting and binding, one needs starting (hooray!), and three are somewhere in the middle of piecing.

2017 FAL Q1.jpg
in random order

Edited to add a couple more time sensitive projects:

My guild’s PITA charity quilt. Appliqué was NOT a good thing to do for a group project.


And I’m doing the #MQGSwap! It’s due in February so I need to get that done. Lots of ideas though so it will be a fun finish.


This year the FAL is hosted by a global community of bloggers:

  • Sarah – Sew me – Northern Ireland
  • Judith – Just Jude – Northern Ireland
And our Social Media Director: Sandra – Sew of Course – Ireland


Have fun finishing your projects everyone!

2017 Finish Along

Guild Block Lotto quilt, a finished quilt

This is a quilt I made a long time ago, in January 2015, using the guild block lotto blocks from 2013-14. There’s a small blog post about it on the guild blog. And if you want to see all the block lottos you can look at them here.

Deciding on a layout took for..e..ver.

I made the whole thing in a week but then just never got around to quilting it. Mostly because I wanted to do a full custom job but didn’t actually want to do that work. And if you never make a decision then you can’t make the wrong one, so I let it languish.

But this is my year for getting stuff done.


I went for really big loopy loops. Red was what I had on the machine for practicing and I just kind of liked it.


MQGsewday was yesterday so I made binding. Pretty binding.


And then I actually got it bound. I complained about it on IG but the gist of it is this: I always do my machine binding backwards from how most of the internet does theirs. So I thought I would try the “right way” to do it…and thereby shot myself in the foot. It was a slow, frustrating, challenging process. 90 minutes to do a quilt 57×75? But it’s done now and on a pic that small, no one can see the imperfections.


Quilt Stats:

Title: MQG Victoria block lotto quilt

Lifetime quilt no.59

Started: January 2015

Finished: October 16, 2016

Size: 57″x75″

Number of pieces: lots

Quilting: organic telephone cord loops on the longarm

And this is one of my thirteen projects on the Fourth Quarter of the 2016 Finish Along! May all the rest of them finish this easily and quickly.

It’s a finish, so linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts!

Guild Block Lotto quilt, a finished quilt

Finish Along Q4 list

I’m going to continue the ambitiousness and finish-it-up-already-ness I’ve had all year and see how far I get this time.

1. blue 15 minute blocks project, quilt it and bind it.


2. Trim and bind the grey tea leaves quilt. I was close to having this one done last quarter…

Old pic. Now much more quilted.

3. My soccer hexie project.

Buy background fabric, remove papers, appliqué, layer, baste, quilt, bind. I did buy some green for the background but I’m not sure how much I love it. Might buy more fabric, might just wallow in pity on this some more.


4. Husband door quilt, I did make more blocks, so yay. Attach them to quilt, etc etc.

Value: barn raising

5. I have fallen out of love with the Mighty Lucky club, but I want to finish things up. And mark my progress too.



6. I feel like trying to get somewhere with my polaroid project. I need to buy sashing fabric, make strip sets, cut and piece, trim my blocks first though, layout, assemble, quilt, bind. Not much at all.

IMG_3553 copy
Actual size. I think this is the colour I decided on for sashing.

7. The Michael Miller Luxe challenge for QuiltCon. I have the fabric, I have an idea. But the rules are really restrictive and I *hate* the “solid” they provided. We’ll see.

I have the middle set of fabrics. Who thought turquoise is a good match for the top fabric?

8. Trim and bind the MQG guild sampler quilt.


9. Make a scrappy 2.5″ charm square quilt. It’s time. Also I need to make one before I drown in charm squares.

10. Quilt my bananas quilt from the July Might Lucky Challenge.


11. make a birthday dress for W. Her birthday was in July. Oops. A cotton sundress is not going to work anymore.

12. Modify my block from the Cloud 9 New Quilt Bloggers Block Hop. Write a pattern too.


13. Snuck this one in at the last minute. I have a small quilt I want to make and try to submit it to QuiltCon. A certain famous vulpine might be involved.

Plus there’s life, Hallowe’en, Christmas, and life to throw me curve balls and plot twists.

Finish Along Q4 list