Day 426

I had the best mail today:


I’m in a facebook charm swap group this year where everyone in the group mails you 2.5″ squares of your choice during your birthday month; I used some of the fussy cut squares I was sent for polaroid blocks. One of the ladies saw what I was doing and offered to send me some of her extra blocks from when she had made some.

Here’s what she wrote in her note…”when I went to choose some blocks to send you I realized that I was probably never going to get around to doing anything with them…therefore I’m sending them all!”

Lucky, lucky me. Thank you so much Amanda!

Free Fabric from Friends, on Friday

And alliteration is always awesome!

My friend Stacie went through her scraps this week (and ironed them too). She invited me up to her place to pretty much help myself. I spent about two happy hours trimming and choosing. And then I sorted all the rest as a way to say thank you.

Here’s everything that is either around 2.5″ square or 2.5″x5″ (rotary cutter for scale).


And this was her parting gift to me:


Most of this is absolute dreck but I will have fun seeing if there is anything useful in here. Stacie gave me one of these bags last October so clearly this is now a tradition we have.


Day 301

I feel like I should had a big exciting blog post yesterday – three hundred days since I started this blog! But three hundred of anything sounds impressive. Cookies. Spools of thread. Pairs of shoes. Dandelions on your lawn.

Last night I got to hang out with some quilty friends at a celebratory tea party for our friend/LQS owner who died last month. It was really a good time!

IMG_0398 copy.jpg

In other news, sewing has ground to a halt, which sucks a lot. But the summer-time family/life balance is actually kind-of-okay-maybe?  And there is always the promise and hope of sewing time tomorrow. Every single day I hope that I will get to sew tomorrow.