Gap Improv, a finished quilt

This quilt started in the unlikeliest of places: in the Gap, in early January 2015. I hate malls and I hate branded clothes but I had to put on my big girl panties and brave the mall for a Christmas return. I was struck by the colours of their new line (teal, gold, grey, and a lovely floral) so I snapped a pic on my flip phone (hence the really poor quality).


Using the MQG quilt of the month pattern “Chess on the Steps” from Krista Hennebury I created the centre bit and started adding borders. I had no finished quilt in mind, just a plan to see at every step what the quilt needed next. I made the centre bit (teal and yellow) sometime in late spring 2015.


This fabric was dark on the selvedges and light at the fold. I fussy cut it to get uniform colour all the way around.


The floral border is added.

Trying out different border options.

IMG_1690The finished quilt top.

I put the rest of this together in July-August 2015 with the intention of hand quilting the centre bit while away on a really boring sedentary trip. Did you know the trick of folding  your backing over to the front to protect your edges?


Centre bit hand quilting finished!

And then I started this blog in September; this quilt shows up for the first time on Day 18 of blogging. You can search “gap improv medallion” for all the posts about this quilt. I worked on the hand quilting until November when all progress stopped. I was stumped by what quilting to do and intimidated by my lacking FMQ skills. I picked it up again in April and have been quilting it on and off since then.


Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.30.54 AM


This quilt is for sale. Price pretty reasonable. Info upon request.


Title: Gap Improv Medallion

Lifetime quilt no.51

Started: June 2015

Finished: May 23, 2016

Size: 40″x40″

Number of pieces: 125

Quilting: hand quilted with perle cotton, FMQ with various Gutterman/Aurifil threads.

This quit was #4 on my 2016 Finish A-Long list. Ta-done!

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Day 249

Got my youngest involved in helping with quilting today. Husband went off on an adventure with B which gave me and W the run of the house and a few hours to kill. I buried the last of my threads and then we blocked the quilt.

I put W in charge of the spray bottle and told her to go nuts! She had fun spraying the quilt to the point of saturation. And she got bored and abandoned me when it was time to square it up and pin it flat.

I haven’t seen the quilt all laid out for a long time…it’s bigger than I thought, ~40″ square. No idea what I’m going to do with this one.

No picture because it’s really hard to show pins along the edge of a quilt. And boring too.

Day 215

Oh joy, oh bliss! Mr. Handwrought took the kids to visit his folks for a bit this morning and *I* got to quilt!

And again this afternoon! And it’s not even my birthday!! I got the entire floral border and both the grey-with-squares borders quilted.
I did go with some geometric shapes in the flower border. I sketched out both this and a loopy chrysanthemum-type flower and much preferred the geometrics. I filled in the sides of the diamonds with a loopy back and forth.
Now what to do in the fabulous orange and pink dotted border? Pebbles? Baptist fans? It’s a 1.5″ border and the bright pink is .5″