A hodge-podge of miscellany

I think we have a winner! Top right layout is the one I hate least for my polaroid blocks. I will layout all the blocks to finalize it before sewing.


Prepping a “tips and tricks” mini blurb on thread weights for guild meeting tomorrow night.


Far left spools are 12wt. I spaced out my tape strip weirdly.

And this is also what’s going on. Scheduling time on my long arm continues to be challenging but I’ve got this half done now. #myfirstpantograph


And that’s the kind of day it’s been!


Sunday Stash, it has been a while

I love my tracking spreadsheets. That is how I can say with utmost confidence that I haven’t bought fabric since last year. Since November 20th in fact.

I broke that record this week with a few acquisitions. Nothing terribly fun or because I loved it. Necessary purchases.


A bit of black for binding this quilt:


And yardage for a quilt backing.


I showed a friend a picture of that fabric and this quilt and asked what she thought. She said “if there is fabric that perfect for that quilt why haven’t you bought it yet?!”


So I left her fabric store and bought it.

Here’s the selvedge for people who care.


Now to trim and bind and stitch, and layer and baste and quilt and trim and bind.

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Gridded, a finished quilt top

I introverted hard today and it was glorious.

I started with this, incomplete rows and all the edges missing:


Did a whole bunch of this:


Eventually got to here:



And wound up with this!


I made the first block in April? of 2014. That’s a looooong time ago. Eighteen colours of Kona solids and one Michael Miller. Lots of variety of whites. Ta-done!

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Day 456

Tidied up and put fabric away today which always feels good. But even though I’ve been trying really hard not to buy fabric this year I sure am running out of room to store my fabric. Go figure.

I also sewed together rows on Gridded:


Well spotted if you noticed the top and bottom look a bit unfinished. I need to sew those and a few bits for the holes on the sides also.

If I push really hard I could finish this by the end of the year. Not sure if I want to do that though because knowing me, important things would be sacrificed to do so. While I dither about that I want to consider possible backings. Geometric? Curvy something? Mostly plain coloured? Wildly coloured? Whatever I like best from the sale table?