Day 309

I went to Vancouver and all I got was this little fat 1/8th.


What I really wanted was this lovely bundle. But at 63$, it wasn’t coming home with me.


It’s a pretty great CMYK colour wheel.

We don’t really travel in our family but I do go to Vancouver a couple of times a year to dandle my niece. (As her only auntie I take my dandling responsibilities seriously.) And when I do travel I always take a hand-piecing project with me for the ferry rides and the evenings while we’re playing board games. [Not Life, Scrabble, or Monopoly. King of Tokyo, Pandemic, Munchkin, etc. And now you know just how big a nerd I am.]

Hand-piecing is so relaxing! And someone else cut all these pieces which makes it even easier.

Day 193

Busy day today. Second day of the workshop with Marianne. B is sick with the flu. Life is what happens when you’re not looking!

Dug out the instructions for #Mighty Lucky Club for March (which I haven’t started yet, oops!). Rossie Hutchison is looking at colour this month with “One Wrong Color”. Started thinking about possibilities.

Had an idea for a some fabric I’ve had for a while now, some beautiful Yukata cottons from Okan Arts. When I bought them in July 2013 I had a specific pattern I wanted to make. But Patricia had a heavy hand with the yard stick and I wound up with a LOT more than I needed (thanks again Patricia!). I didn’t want leftovers and I didn’t want such a large wall hanging, so the fabric has sat since then. I’m still mulling this over but progress is being made in my head.

And I finished off those birds in the air blocks. I love hand sewing while watching tv. It seems less wasteful of time.

Happy international quilt day peeps!

Day 192

Popped into the guild’s workshop with Marianne Haak of The Quilting Edge today. Such pretty fabrics everyone chose! And Marianne is just so lovely.

Kind of “took the night off”…..when you have to set up your sewing room to do ANYTHING, sometimes you just don’t feel like it. So handwork project to the rescue! A couple of old “birds in the air blocks” from a garage sale ages ago.


Day 150

Wow – that feels like a lot of days!

I took a few days off from sewing this week as I felt like I wanted a break from pushing hard on my 15 minute blocks and the January bias tape challenge. I also had two excellent books to read. Isn’t it the best feeling when you find a new series by an author you love? And the third book is already out so that means I had two to read right away. Anyway I have delighted in reading “Midnight Crossroad” and “Day Shift” by Charlaine Harris.

And today I’m taking my girls to visit my sister and her family in Vancouver. I’ve packed my sketchbook, Lucky Spool’s Essential Guild to Modern Quiltmaking, and a whole whack of tiny HSTs for handsewing.