Modern Hexies, a finished quilt

Ta-done! On Feb. 29th I started this project, and on Wednesday this week I finished it. My handy spreadsheet tells me that is 65 days from start to finish.

IMG_3067 copy

Sometimes you have the perfect backing in your stash.

IMG_3066 copy

And some pictures of the quilting. I loved how this puffed up a lot but then I pressed the heck out of it and I loved that too. Would love to see what this looks like after a wash.

IMG_3071 copy

IMG_3069 copy

Quilt Statistics

Fabrics: ombre from white to black. Probably around 15? colours and brands of solids. all from stash.

Binding: as above, using the No-tails binding tutorial from Linda at Flourishing Palms

Tutorial: Modern Hexies, from a different Nicole, at Modern Handcraft

Pieces: 72

Size: 15.75″x22.25″

Quilting: walking foot with clear invisible poly.

And a fun picture of mid-way through the binding process.

IMG_3064 copy

Linking up of course with the fabulous Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts! Happy weekend everyone.

crazy mom quilt

This was on my list for the 2nd quarter of the finish along.

Day 239

Earlier today I started the binding…


And tonight I stitched the binding down. It’s been a while since I hand stitched a binding. Like a whole year since my last.

Good think I was going to trim the borders off. Thank you children for the additional conté crayon smudges.

Finished pictures on Friday.

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Day 237

The key to getting back on the horse (or the sewing machine) is to actually DO it. Pulled out the sewing machine last night and started by doing some brownie badges. Then I added more quilting in the corners of the hexie quilt. Figured out the binding  as well, though husband helped with that. Actually it was all his idea.

So yay? I’m back?

It’s a busy week though with my guild’s display at the quilt show this weekend. We’ll see how it all goes.

Day 225

Or the day I hexied my butt off. Oof!


I need to decide if I want to quilt more lines in the four corners or leave it as is. But invisible thread for the win!

And tomorrow I have to trim it, make the binding, apply the binding, sort out a label and hanging sleeve, prep for the guild meeting tomorrow night, cut 35 2.5″ charms for Tami, AND pretend to be interested in my third grader’s “student led conference” tomorrow afternoon because it’s only a half-day of school!