Day QuiltCon deadline -3

Writing this for posterity more than anything. Today’s sewing was the last three bits to go with my fancy fox.




I do have a plan and these all fit beautifully. Now to finish it up. And do everything else that needs doing (but why does it all have to be done this week!?!?)


Day 111

Had friends come for dinner tonight, and they usually bring a small present for my girls. I didn’t want to be empty handed again so I thought it was a good time to make them the set of placemats I’ve had in mind since April. I found a cute fabric with pugs on it and just never got the placemats made. Or started.

Until today at 4pm, when I started cutting fabric. I did a quick quilt as you go method. Using large pieces of fabric also makes things faster. I had B trimming the corners and turning them right side out when our friends arrived at 5:30. I quickly did a top stitch round the edges and called it done.


And my friends liked them! Linking up with Amanda Jean at CrazyMomQuilts for Finally Finished [Monday], because these are finally finished and off my to-do-someday list.