Wow, what a month!

It’s been a busy and fulfilling, also crazy bonkers, few weeks.

There was the end of Brownies: All the random activities my co-leader and I kinda pulled out of our heads and off the internet since January actually translated into some badges! We were surprised, and utterly pleased with ourselves.


We made some hat traders as year-end gifts for the girls.


School ends tomorrow. Both my girls had great teachers this year but especially W. She wanted to make something for her teacher so I suggested a pillow. The favourite colour is pink and the favourite animal is a moose, so here you have a pink moose pillow.


The glamour shot.


The flat shot. All fabrics chosen by W, laid out and assembled by her. (I did the rows, border, and appliqué.)


A close up of the appliqué because I frickin hate appliqué like this but I think I kinda rocked it.

And in my personal sewing journey, I finished my improv string quilt. I used the leftovers to make this quilt:


The setting squares and background fabrics are both from stash. Quilt measures 53×72. Pattern is the “June Quilt Along Quilt” from Crazy Mom Quilts.

I also started my next quilt in my Sherri Lynn Woods Improv project. This one is the “floating Squares” score. I’m using long hoarded yukata cottons from Okan Arts.


Work continues to be stupid busy mixed with corporate bs, so that’s nuts too.

Canada Day is Monday which is the real start of my summer. Here’s to a good one!

A new project, a fast project

A project in which I was the mere technical director, working to support the vision of the artistic director. A quite specific, rather uncompromising six point seven five year old artistic director. 

Let me back up a little. This weekend was the bi-annual quilt show and sale of the Victoria Quilter’s Guild. I could only attend on Friday which happened to be a day off of school for my kids, so they also got to attend a quilt show.

I bribe them with candy because it works (and is a rare treat). This year I could have bribed them with fabric it seems. W, the 6 3/4 year old fell in love with a 2$ FQ. She promised to pay me back from her hoarded allowance if I lent her the money to buy it. Her initial plan as we toured more booths was to make a cushion. Then a shawl. Then a skirt, but there wasn’t enough for a skirt. Did I have more fabric I could lend her to finish the skirt? Yes of course. But then it won’t match. Did I have fabric that DID match? 

Well for two dollars I’ll buy you some fabric that matches. So that was a win.

Then I broke her heart by working for two days straight.


After my work today we buckled down and made this wondrous garment!


Flat felled seams for speed and convenience. W ran the foot pedal while I kept everything straight.

I also dropped the ironing board down to her height so she could do the pressing. (I had to go on my knees!) She thought threading the elastic through the casing was magical.


She was adamant that the zig-zag be oriented vertically to make the skirt as long as possible.

And it twirls. And poofs.

I have a happy girl. Me? I’m toast. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. Time for bed.

Hallowe’en, the finale

Done and with time to spare. The unicorn was pleased with my efforts and rewarded me with this action shot.


Here’s a back view. The tail I am most pleased with but the mane required a lot of hairspray to re-orient the nap of the fabric.


The horn, and an extra for the orange haired little sister. I had to make some effort for that kid!


And a long story which is too fiddly to write out: I also made a matching costume for dolly.


The red riding hood costume on W’s doll is leftover from Hallowe’en 2009.


This was our first Hallowe’en in our new neighbourhood – full size chocolate bars are de rigour out here as is the community bonfire and fireworks. We parked our car in line with the launch site and maybe only 6m (~20′) away? I can tell you that fireworks up close have the same volume as ones further away. That was the best part of the night for me.

Hallowe’en 2017

Is in a mere six sleeps my excited children tell me. I suppose I had better get moving else I’ll be pestered to death.

The youngest, W (who is six and a quarter) assembled her own costume from the dress-up bin and I appreciate her self-sufficiency. She’ll be Red Riding Hood wearing a fancy red ball gown. And a now-tiny hooded cape I made for her sister at Hallowe’en 2009 when she was RRH.

B. on the other hand (a very wise and all-knowing 10 and a half) was angling for Katara from Avatar:

First time I’ve ever vetoed a costume. Second choice is a unicorn apparently. I also vetoed the slutty ladies “unicorn” costume she wanted to match one of her best friends. (You know the kind, the sexy-fill-in-the-profession/hobby/character/food).

We’re both excited about the compromise, turning this ladies XL sweater into something magical.


As purchased. The “BEFORE” picture.


These were sleeves, if you are not familiar with garment construction. 

I’m two steps past this point. I took a picture of me wearing it to check the fit but it was a ridiculous sight. Stay tuned for further adventures in home costuming!