Sunday Stash, with lots and lots of variety

Well if you’re going to buy fabric you should probably go big or go home.

First up is the fabulous stripe Cheryl picked out for me for my mighty lucky challenge. I’ve cut into it already and things are looking up. Edited to add: it’s done! check it out here.



Next up is fabric for the belated 5th birthday dress for W. I totally guessed on amounts but I’m sure there’s enough for a sundress at least. The solid is Kona pansy.



Then we strayed away from “necessary for an in-process project” into “I like this lots”.



Back into necessary fabric territory is this high-vis netting. Husband wants me to modify his fabric-and-reflective cycling vest into a mesh-and-reflective cycling vest. It’s 72″ wide. I predict I will have leftovers for years.


And there we go! 4.3m fabric in, 30.21$ out. And when the linkup opens, I’ll join up with Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash.

Sunday Stash, with lots and lots of variety

Day 321

The trick to getting lots of sewing time with two kids underfoot seems to be saying YES to screen time. We don’t have a tv at our house and we’re pretty up-tight about how much the kids watch/poke the ipad, but this afternoon was YES. (This is also week two of daily swim lessons and yesterday was a seven hour on-foot expedition wandering around downtown so our physical activity has been pretty high recently. And yes, I am justifying my parenting to strangers on the internet.)


Today was the first day of the #crosscutquiltalong hosted by Debbie @A Quilter’s Table. I’ll share pictures of this later. Or you can check out my instagram feed if you can’t wait.



I also sewed more test blocks for the polaroid shadow/sashing. Go here for the first round, aka the FAIL round of blocks.

From left to right we have: medium grey/essex blend, sketch crosshatch/medium grey, and light grey/essex blend.

The middle one was my friend Netta’s idea from a couple of days ago; she suggested I switch the sketch with the grey. And she blogs too, check hers out.

For fun I made a few collages. Check these out!

med grey : essex

..sketch : med grey grey : essex

I’m open to feedback so let me know your favourite: purple octopus, green octopus, or starfish!

And since this continues to be a work in progress I’m linking up with:


Day 321

Day 304

I’ve been spending a lot of time this summer with my friend Natalie. She joined the guild a year ago and volunteered in March to be our librarian. (“What’s geekier than being in a quilt guild? Being the librarian for a quilt guild!” is what her husband said when she volunteered.)

Anyway, her daughter is six months older than my B and they’re both into crafts. B fell in love with the pompom maker craft kit she saw at Natalie’s house and was desperate to buy a skein of yarn to populate our house with fuzzy things. I fobbed her off with promises of a secret yarn stash downstairs.

I bought all this when we lived in Nova Scotia in 2009-2010. Guess I liked rainbows back then too.


Day 304

Day 250

Sunday morning seems to be craft morning around here.

Last night some very good friends took me out as a surprise for my birthday and my husband showed our kids “Star Wars*.” And this morning we made light savers as W. calls them.


*Part 4, the original one, the first one, really-the-only-one-as-we-disavow-the-prequels-in-this-house,

“Meanwhile, back in the quilting studio, we last left the hero of this blog in a never ending cycle of cutting charm squares. The tedium continued today…join us again tomorrow and we will find out if our hero actually progresses to putting charm squares in envelopes and perhaps even tries to do some quilting!”

Day 250

Day 237

The key to getting back on the horse (or the sewing machine) is to actually DO it. Pulled out the sewing machine last night and started by doing some brownie badges. Then I added more quilting in the corners of the hexie quilt. Figured out the binding  as well, though husband helped with that. Actually it was all his idea.

So yay? I’m back?

It’s a busy week though with my guild’s display at the quilt show this weekend. We’ll see how it all goes.

Day 237