The grand reveal

Phew! We have made it through one hundred days of kindergarten. To celebrate, each kid had to decorate a paper grocery bag with one hundred things arranged in groups of ten. I complained about it a few weeks ago over here when W chose all her fabrics from my scrap bin.



See that fabric on the bottom left? That is a bit from the first fabric I ever bought “just because” I liked it. Still have some left, nine and a half years later! It is “Dimples” by Gail Kessler in either “celeste” or “robin’s egg.”



She chose exactly which fabric went where, which was fun to watch.

and so it begins…

This weekend I sat down with W and steered her in the direction I wanted her to go. For some reason known only only to kindergarten teachers and probably pinterest, the 100th day of kindergarten is celebrated. To properly celebrate, each child must take a large paper grocery bag, turn it into a vest and decorate it with one hundred objects arranged in groups of ten.

Woe betide the child who choses pennies or hot wheels cars. Blessed are those who choose cheerios, stickers, or q-tips. Or their mum’s fabric collection.

10 colours. 10 scraps of each. Sorted!


W was pretty thrilled to get all this out of just my scrap bin.


Now to make a flippin’ paper vest.

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