What a weekend!

Saturday was “national quilting day” or “world-wide quilting day” or some such made up non-holiday holiday. Whatever. I worked and then came home. The kids were amusing themselves and dinner time was a ways off so I laid out my polaroid blocks, trying this layout.

IMG_4175 copy.jpg

I was pretty happy with it and fiddled and rearranged and generally had a pretty good time.


And then it was time for dinner so I took this picture, threw it on instagram, packed up the blocks, and cooked dinner. Saturday night, around 6:30. The only hashtag I used was #polaroid. And everyone went nuts for it! My phone alerts have been going bat-shit crazy ever since then. In forty eight hours I’ve had ~55 new followers and over 350 likes. My normal is around 20-40 likes, so this is huge. I’m just totally baffled. And thrilled. Absolutely thrilled.

I do like this layout lots. I just have to sew all the things together now.

What a weekend!

Laying it out

Trying to plan colour placement before I start with fabric, so graph paper and pencil crayons instead.




I can’t remember if this set of pencil crayons is the set I got for Christmas when I was in university, way back in the mid-90s. If so, they’re well travelled but still in great shape.


And since this is a block in progress, I’m linking up with Quilter in the Closet for “building blocks Tuesday.”

Laying it out

Day 186

Oh day of epic-ness and productivity!

Did the layout:


First time I’ve seen all the blocks together.

Laid out the oranges – a few not in the shot.


And ta-da!


All the white dots are sticky labels since I don’t want to mix up the different colours in the pluses.

The only hiccup was when I had to pack it all up for kids getting home, dinner and things was that I stacked the sashing in columns and the blocks in rows. Blergh. I had attached 11 before realizing I was an incompetent buffoon (the highest insult you can get in our family). Back under way though!

Day 186