Day 921

I believe it’s world wide quilting day today.

But it’s been a tough week, in a tough month. So I didn’t sew today.


I did change my needle a few days ago. Then I thought I’d brush out some lint. And since I was brushing out some lint, I just stripped it all down and cleaned it all up. Ready for when I do sew.

I can’t wait.


Random day, mid-October

Hey are you still here? Me too. That’s something at least.

I haven’t abandoned blogging, or sewing, or quilting. Just trying to find balance in the regular life/kids/job/hobby mix that I, and likely most of us, have. Here’s the Cole’s notes* version of what’s been going on.

July we moved. Pack, unpack.

August, tried to stay afloat with kids, heat, and boredom. First time we tried lake swimming which we loved.

September. WOW.

New school. Kids were anxious and nervous but everyone has been finding friends and routines and settling down.

New job. Same job, different place. Slower pace, less volume. Less stress accordingly but it’s much less well organized, so increased stress. Averaging therefore a slight increase in stress overall. But honestly? It’s cake and icing and desserts. Not fighting fires or curing cancer. But I am working more school days and fewer weekends which cuts into my ME time! “Me time” is actually introvert recovery time and is really really important. Even though I’m sharing with random strangers on the internet I’m actually pretty reclusive. Hi though! 👋

September was also my month on the longarm which though great is a scheduling nightmare. Funny thing about longarming…I loaded up a big quilt anticipating it would be my project for pretty much the whole month. Just a few hours later though, I was done. Next day I loaded another one. Same thing again. Reached for a third quilt! And made significant progress on that one too.

October, to date: Niece 1st birthday. Fun and cute. Husband’s 50th birthday. Much less cute. Much higher expectations. I volunteered myself to chair/co-ordinate/design/make my guild’s QuiltCon 2018 Charity quilt challenge. It’s an awesome design and I am very excited about it.

What else? I made a quilt start to finish. I finished off a lingering project. I got to meet Debbie Jeske in person when she visited my guild. I went through my works in progress list and I was cheered and heartened by what was there and what I could cross off. I’m excited about starting new projects. I wish I was similarly excited about binding five quilts. Sheesh. Five.


Because we can’t NOT have a picture, here’s one I found when I was looking up how to swap out a ceiling light fixture because we did that last week too. I believe this is a picture of different types of electrical cords available from a supplier in England. I just think it’s pretty, and hello bias tape quilt design idea!

Any-hoo, thanks for being here. More quilts coming soon.

*”Cole’s notes.” I’m Nicole. Ha!

Day 455

What a week it’s been. Worked four days in a row (which I know is nothing for all you folks with regular day jobs) but it’s quite out of the norm for little old housewife me. So working plus housewifing was tough and I was looking forward to today to relax a bit, sew some things, just be chillin’…

What I got instead: husband home sick from work, epic grocery shopping, 90 minutes of snow shovelling at my place, 30 minutes of snow shovelling in front of the neighbours’, and two kids who were thrilled to bits about aforementioned snow.

Recap time: I live on a tropical island in the Pacific (aka the warmest place in Canada). The last time it snowed was either 2014 or 2013 and I can’t actually remember which. W is five and this is the first snow she can remember. 

But I have things to look forward to: charm squares from my swap will be arriving soon, the Kona iron for my polaroids should be showing up any day now, I’ll work on Gridded again, I will probably want to start another quilt…

Day 448, or QuiltCon deadline -1

Oof, what a day!

Walk the girls to school.

Home for 40 minutes. Sewing more partial seams to get this top together.

Doctor appt. He’s 30 minutes late.

Go to new job to finish computer training modules.

Home for 30 minutes. One more seam, and a sandwich.

Drive to school, pick up W. for her specialist appt. This doctor, for all that I dislike his cranky office manager, is ALWAYS on time. Back to school to drop off W.

Home for 80 minutes of sewing, layering and basting. Was going to use non-matching random fabric from the stash but found THIS beauty instead:


Decide I’m don’t actually love it as a back for this quilt and so I taped it to my floor. I started quilting at 2? ish? and I’ve just finished burying threads. Binding and pictures tomorrow. Life is good.

Edited to add: I did 2.5 loads of laundry today too.