Day 455

What a week it’s been. Worked four days in a row (which I know is nothing for all you folks with regular day jobs) but it’s quite out of the norm for little old housewife me. So working plus housewifing was tough and I was looking forward to today to relax a bit, sew some things, just be chillin’…

What I got instead: husband home sick from work, epic grocery shopping, 90 minutes of snow shovelling at my place, 30 minutes of snow shovelling in front of the neighbours’, and two kids who were thrilled to bits about aforementioned snow.

Recap time: I live on a tropical island in the Pacific (aka the warmest place in Canada). The last time it snowed was either 2014 or 2013 and I can’t actually remember which. W is five and this is the first snow she can remember. 

But I have things to look forward to: charm squares from my swap will be arriving soon, the Kona iron for my polaroids should be showing up any day now, I’ll work on Gridded again, I will probably want to start another quilt…

Day 448, or QuiltCon deadline -1

Oof, what a day!

Walk the girls to school.

Home for 40 minutes. Sewing more partial seams to get this top together.

Doctor appt. He’s 30 minutes late.

Go to new job to finish computer training modules.

Home for 30 minutes. One more seam, and a sandwich.

Drive to school, pick up W. for her specialist appt. This doctor, for all that I dislike his cranky office manager, is ALWAYS on time. Back to school to drop off W.

Home for 80 minutes of sewing, layering and basting. Was going to use non-matching random fabric from the stash but found THIS beauty instead:


Decide I’m don’t actually love it as a back for this quilt and so I taped it to my floor. I started quilting at 2? ish? and I’ve just finished burying threads. Binding and pictures tomorrow. Life is good.

Edited to add: I did 2.5 loads of laundry today too. 

Day 430

We’ll call it sewing-ish today. Prepped a paper piecing pattern (fun to say of course!) and chose fabric for it. When only making one block the choice seems more important than if you’re making lots of blocks.

Packaged fabric into seven! envelopes of fabric to go all across Canada, to Connecticut, Florida, and England. Glad to share and trade with others.

Also unloaded pictures from my phone. Turns out I’ve taken lots of photos in the five months since my last photo dump. And those need sorting. I’d say the photos are 85% quilts, 10% kids, 5% random stuff. I clearly have my priorities straight.

Actual sewing to resume tomorrow. Hope you had a thoughtful Remembrance Day.


“Kissing Joy” by Elaine Quehl, 2009 35″x43.5″ for sale at her website

I did a google search for “poppy quilt” and found lots of trite, simplistic ones. Also found this amazing piece by Elaine Quehl. I’m thrilled to find her work as I really like this. And she’s Canadian too! Her website is HERE if you want to learn more about Elaine.

Day 334, or the day you yawn yourself to death by reading this

I hate to break it to you but sometimes it’s not all fancy new fabric, finished quilts (here and here), and exciting link-ups around here.

Sometimes I hem curtains*.

Drapes 1

Oooooo, detail shot!Drapes 2


Sometimes I modify my husband’s cycling vest.





Sometimes I mend the hem on a hand towel. No picture because how boring would that be? It’s grey.

And sometimes I will even stitch up the hole in my cardigan pocket, even though the hole has celebrated one less birthday than my five year old.

Happy end of weekend everyone.


*to be fair I did put “hem drapes” on my 3rd quarter finish along list.