Low Volume Charm Swap

Over on Instagram Marianne McCarley recently ran a low volume charm swap. I did one about 4?6? years ago and thought it would be fun to add to my collection to be used “some day.”


It’s a weird feeling to open a package from someone else and find your printing inside!

It wasn’t worth it to do one or two sets of 56 charms and there was a big difference between three and four sets so I decided to do three, which would yield 168 hopefully unique low volume squares. Postage there and back was $38.03 (ouch!) and the fabric was $20.90 (plus a metre from old stash.)

Total cost was $58.93, which breaks down to $19.64/yard, which is nearly full price per metre around here. So I kind of lost my shirt a bit. BUT, *but* I did get some super awesome fabrics that are fun, adorable, interesting, or trendy. And I’ll use them some day.


And for the nerdy folks like me:

168 fabrics – 8 duplicates = 160 unique fabrics

29% – greyish

16% – black

12% – tone on tone white/cream

8% – turquoise

6% – green, yellow/gold, brownish

5% – SHOUTING low volume

4% – blue

2% – pink

<2% – red, orange, purple, multi-coloured