Modern Hexies, a finished quilt

Ta-done! On Feb. 29th I started this project, and on Wednesday this week I finished it. My handy spreadsheet tells me that is 65 days from start to finish.

IMG_3067 copy

Sometimes you have the perfect backing in your stash.

IMG_3066 copy

And some pictures of the quilting. I loved how this puffed up a lot but then I pressed the heck out of it and I loved that too. Would love to see what this looks like after a wash.

IMG_3071 copy

IMG_3069 copy

Quilt Statistics

Fabrics: ombre from white to black. Probably around 15? colours and brands of solids. all from stash.

Binding: as above, using the No-tails binding tutorial from Linda at Flourishing Palms

Tutorial: Modern Hexies, from a different Nicole, at Modern Handcraft

Pieces: 72

Size: 15.75″x22.25″

Quilting: walking foot with clear invisible poly.

And a fun picture of mid-way through the binding process.

IMG_3064 copy

Linking up of course with the fabulous Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts! Happy weekend everyone.

crazy mom quilt

This was on my list for the 2nd quarter of the finish along.

Day 240

Do you remember the bit in the Sound of Music when Maria has escaped the convent and she’s in the hills, twirling and singing “the hills are alive”?

That’s how I feel about quilt shows.


Hung my guild’s display at the bigger VQG show today.


I’ll let you guess which one I am.

Day 239

Earlier today I started the binding…


And tonight I stitched the binding down. It’s been a while since I hand stitched a binding. Like a whole year since my last.

Good think I was going to trim the borders off. Thank you children for the additional conté crayon smudges.

Finished pictures on Friday.

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Day 238

Modest achievements today…figured out some technical details for the binding, and prepped all the paperwork for our guild display at the show this weekend. Things like a sign for every quilt, email signup sheets, blah blah boring blah. I did get an epic amount of stuff done so that feels good. And had an overdue haircut. Yay!