What a boring day

But productive so a qualified win?

The mending/repair box was a little full so I went at it.

Two pairs of pj pants for husband. I have been making the “fat bastard” size and he is only average. Actually he’s above average if you know what I mean 😉 but he takes a size medium in pants. So I trimmed the inseam and the crotch on these two.


This is not yardage! It is a new pillowcase for the new (and tiny) buckwheat pillow, also belonging to husband. Not pictured is its twin.


Ella got her hair bow back, Nintje had the silly putty cleaned off her head. Go here for how to pronounce Miffy in Dutch. My kids cheat and pronounce it nine-cha.


New doll soother replaced.


Not pictured: two winter hats mended, a snap reattached to a doll belt, or the seven picture books I repaired. And then I needed a nap.

Day 346

I should properly title this “weekly update” since daily sewing and record thereof has fallen by the wayside.

Guild meeting last night…we had a garage sale. I scrounged up a few things to put in the sale and they all sold, hooray! So I made 10$. And spent 9$. I found roughly two charm packs worth of 2.5″ squares, a new spool of Aurifil thread in a dreadful marsala colour which might work on a quilt I need to quilt or will be good for longarm practice, and two fabric marking pens.

I also pulled out two recently finished quilts to show at show and share. This one and this one. After I got them from their hanging up spot in the hall cupboard there was a gap. And in that gap was a pair of men’s khaki summer weight jeans. With two pins marking where the new hem should be. And of course my husband saw the pants and said “I thought I had another pair but I couldn’t find them.” Turns out he bought them last summer. And has never worn them. Oops? My bad? Mea culpa. That got done today.

And longarm update! It’s my week to use it and I thought it time to try out a real quilt. I loaded up a not-so-precious quilt (my friend Sarah [she used to blog but not so much any more] just told me about her way of thinking about quilts: the favourite/special/precious ones and the less-precious ones and the ones in between.)

It’s a quilt I made a long time ago using the guild block lotto blocks from 2013-14. There’s a blog post about it.


MUCH better here than in a bag under the bed.


I went for really big loopy loops. It was either that or do a complete custom job. And I don’t think this quilt deserves any more of my time, so loops it was. Plus quilting a twin quilt in <one hour!? WIN!!!! Red was what I had on the machine for practicing and I just kind of liked it.

Day 334, or the day you yawn yourself to death by reading this

I hate to break it to you but sometimes it’s not all fancy new fabric, finished quilts (here and here), and exciting link-ups around here.

Sometimes I hem curtains*.

Drapes 1

Oooooo, detail shot!Drapes 2


Sometimes I modify my husband’s cycling vest.





Sometimes I mend the hem on a hand towel. No picture because how boring would that be? It’s grey.

And sometimes I will even stitch up the hole in my cardigan pocket, even though the hole has celebrated one less birthday than my five year old.

Happy end of weekend everyone.


*to be fair I did put “hem drapes” on my 3rd quarter finish along list.

Day 196

I FINISHED MY QUILT TOP OH WOW! I had a delightful morning of sewing, (B was at a playdate and W kept me company and happily coloured, wrote, and covered it all with stickers). She also kept noticing different fabrics and would say “I really like that patren*.”

*not a typo. it’s how four year olds say pattern.


It needs a good ironing, but hurray, hurrah!

And tonight I knocked off my mending pile. Double hurray. I win at life.