Maple Spirit, a finished quilt

The long promised, much vaunted quilt I designed for my guild’s QuiltCon charity challenge.

Maple Spirit_HandwroughtQuilts FULL

We named the quilt “Maple Spirit.” The inspiration for this quilt came from an excellent conversation I had with a quilty friend: we talked about gingerbread houses, the Canadian Coast Guard, the parameters of this challenge (theme was Modern Traditionalism and a specific colour palette), Canada’s Sesquicentennial, and more.

This idea came to me fully intact and the only change I made was to adjust the placement of the maple leaf.

Maple Spirit_HandwroughtQuilts Blocks.JPG

Blocks from the guild members. We used white tone on tone fabrics for the maple leaves and white solid fabric for the background. I knew the variations in whites would give us lovely depth and variation for the background.

Maple Spirit_HandwroughtQuilts LEAF

The most awesome maple leaf you’ve ever seen.

Maple Spirit_HandwroughtQuilts Detail

The texture on this quilt is phenomenal. Each of the three parts (or colours) has a different texture: the background has a back and forth water-ish quilting pattern, the maple leaf has veins quilted in a not very dense pattern, and the leaf shadow has matchstick quilting.

Maple Spirit_HandwroughtQuilts Detail2

We agonized over which colour to use for binding but ultimately decided to include a fifth colour from the colour palette. Fussy cut binding (to add emphasis) for the win!

Maple Spirit_HandwroughtQuilts Binding

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Quilt Stats:

Title: Maple Spirit

Lifetime quilt no.: 72

Started: I agreed to take on the project Sept 21, 2017

Finished: quilt finished (labelled and with hanging sleeve) January 20, 2018

Size: ~72×90

Number of pieces: 1,364, plus however many are in the red strip sets

Quilting: detailed above, but longarmed with Wonderfil and Invisifil threads

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Getting closer…

This messy pile of crap is now a hanging sleeve for the guild charity quilt. I suppose I’m glad I didn’t get one of my own quilts into QuiltCon; I only have to attach this one sleeve.


But I cheated and machine stitched it.

And the quilt’s been bound. I managed to fob that job off on someone else delegated that successfully. Tomorrow is for taking decent pics, adding labels, and in all likelihood, kid-wrangling and laundry. And so it goes.

Further Adventures in Bee Quilting

The magic quilting fairies are unlikely to visit in the night, as much as I keep hoping. If you volunteer to chair/lead/shepherd a project you just might have to do lots of it yourself.

First there was lots and lots of this:


Which not only gave me a tiny bit of photokeratitis , but also made my hands vibrate I was going so fast. On the plus side, this is my second time using a poly thread and I am a #convert4lyfe as the hip kids say these days.


Sneak peek

More tomorrow.

Busy, busy bee…

The sewing bee for the guild QuiltCon charity quilt was a success! We had a lot of work to do and it just about all got done. The best part was getting to know some guild members a bit better, and in one case learning that someone has MAD QUILTING SKILLZ (I want Pam on my team for every project in future).

Actually the best best part was that it all came together. Also that my design looks awesome. Lots of good things that day.

(Folks are tagged in the captions).


L-R Pam and Netta, and one of the enormous strip sets. WOFx~40″ in this case. Also, my living room in the far background. We love books ‘n plants at my house.

Pam pressed and Netta sewed the strip sets.


L-R: Kelly and Stacie sewed all the blocks for our background. 

Stacie gave me grief about taking pics or “selfies”, so I obliged her with this excellent picture of myself. No duck face for me!


Sneak peek is all you get!


Next up! Purchasing white batting, some backing and binding fabrics, and threads. Then quilting, binding, labelling, yada yada. We can do it.

Updated to add: I’ve acquired all the bits for finishing it and will soon be getting it loaded on the longarm then quilted. I want a finished quilt to show at our guild meeting on January 18th. Linking up with Cooking Up Quilts.