And this is the year it was.

Five blog posts. Plus this one. I don’t even know how to do this anymore.

Three quilts started, finished, and gifted.

Four quilt tops awaiting quilting.

Three quilts currently in progress.

Books read: 80! my highest number since 2012.

Masks made: 40? 50?

Mask patterns used: four

Other quilting highlights: I became sole owner of my longarm, and have it in my garage. I started working for a fabulous online fabric store, Troll Brothers Quilt Designs, both in person and writing her newsletters.

Personal highlights: My kids have been home since March 14th and I’ve been on leave from my job since early April. I have been fortunate enough to qualify for the government benefit programs. I say fortunate because the aid pays more than my actual job, so I’m coming out ahead. Also this is the first time EVER that I’ve been a stay at home parent and not depressed. Turns out I actually like my family!

I’ve had this picture on my desktop for most of the year. I like it.

A lot of my improv work has stalled this year as I have found comfort in precise piecing, and repetitive blocks. Quilts are quilts regardless of style and if it keeps someone warm, that’s what counts.

Here’s to you, and me, and more quilts in 2021. Happy New Year!

I am so completely blocked on my current quilt the frustration is contagious and other parts of my life are getting grumpy. I want to sew but won’t let myself start other projects. Grrr.


Here’s where it was most recently. I’m sure I’m just totally over-thinking all of it, and that it’s better than I fear.

We’ll see if I can convince myself about that.

In other news, this summer I scored some 9m of fabric for future backings for <20$!


My husband also found me a massive Olfa cutting mat for 4$ at a garage sale. It’s in better condition than mine so that’s a definite win!

This weekend I made two pathfinder sashes and one guide sash for a few girl guides I know. Did you know that Canadian army officers used to have their own personal tailors make their uniforms? Yes I make the sashes because it is so much cheaper that way.

I also bartered with my SIL to re-line her favourite winter coat in exchange for a photoshoot. Today I found the most lovely red heavy weight stretch bridal satin to use. This is a fiddly project but one I don’t mind doing.

And here’s how I spent the day before school started:


The big two are mine, the little ones are my nieces.

I always feel like the beginning of the school year is the new year, so happy new year everyone! And happy fourth blog anniversary to me. Thanks for being here.






Intents for the New Year, 2019

I’m joining in with the #2019PlanningParty with Quilting Jetgirl. Yvonne is a fantastic cheerleader for the online quilting community and we are all lucky to have her rooting for us.

In 2019 I will continue hosting the weekly link up for in-progress Canadian fibre works at The Needle and Thread Network. Perhaps this is the year we make a better button.

I am also joining in with the 2019 Finish-a-long of course, but not as a participant. This year I am one of the hosts!

Global Host 2019 - Handwrought Quilts

But Nicole, what about your actual quilts? Get off the computer with all these cool link-ups and sew something! 

But first some history….

In 2015 I was surprised to find how much I’d spent on quilting. Since then I’ve been mindful of what I bought and have worked hard ever since to reduce my spending. Yay me!

Halfway through 2016 I bought my longarm and I’ve been trying to finish my lingering half-done quilts. Right now I am finishing the binding on the very last of the languishing projects. Extra yay me!

So what now? A few weeks ago I saw a quote in a newsletter from Janine at Uppercase Magazine.

Consider the last few years as just research. Imagine starting anew.” Tavi Gevinson, Rookie Mag [emphasis mine]

Now to play, experiment, and use what I have. Try different styles of quilts. Find my style. Play. Get serious about things. Find the joy in making.

Here’s to me and to you, and to our very best year.


Happy New Year!

When you go to a university* that gives you the major Jewish holidays off†, you don’t forget it quickly. Today is Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year), as well as my third anniversary of blogging. During dinner tonight we saw vibrant, double rainbows.

Also, I quilted today.


Purchased years ago from an estate sale for one dollar per metre. Found in the stash and is big enough for a twin backing.


I had enough to match the seam nearly accurately.


From loading it up to taking it off was less than four hours.

Shanah Tovah to you! Happy anniversary to me!


* York University, Bachelor of Fine Arts (Special Honours) 2005

† when I looked up what year I finished my degree it seems that York only has Canadian statutory holidays on offer these days.