Happy New Year!

When you go to a university* that gives you the major Jewish holidays off†, you don’t forget it quickly. Today is Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year), as well as my third anniversary of blogging. During dinner tonight we saw vibrant, double rainbows.

Also, I quilted today.


Purchased years ago from an estate sale for one dollar per metre. Found in the stash and is big enough for a twin backing.


I had enough to match the seam nearly accurately.


From loading it up to taking it off was less than four hours.

Shanah Tovah to you! Happy anniversary to me!


* York University, Bachelor of Fine Arts (Special Honours) 2005

† when I looked up what year I finished my degree it seems that York only has Canadian statutory holidays on offer these days.


Intents for the new year

Briefly, because I hate navel gazing and absolutes, but love commas…

Continue my attempts of the past few years, which have been QUITE successful this year.

  • use what I have
  • continue to buy less (waaaayyyy less)
  • finish the languishing projects. I have eight true works in progress left.
  • finish quickly what I start. Because we all start new things…

Also, be strategic about show entries (and hopefully acceptances). Try to figure out if I have a hobby, a side-gig, or a business. Life/work balance, yada yada. Navel gazing now, so will stop. Will never stop loving commas.

Happy new year! It feels joyful to me because EVERYONE celebrates this holiday.

Throwing my hat in the ring for the #2018PlanningParty with Quilting Jetgirl. Yvonne is a fantastic cheerleader for the online quilting community and we are all lucky to have her rooting for us.

And I’m lucky to have anyone really, but especially you, reading my blather. See you next year.


Get it? New year, blank slate. 


Thoughts for 2017

What does 2017 look like? No one can predict the future but here are a few likely things…

I will be teaching quilting for the first time ••• I will not be running MQG Victoria for the first time since helping start the guild 3.5 years ago ••• I will continue to finish my works in progress ••• and to use the fabric I have •••

Finding a good life/work/quilt/family balance will help with all these.

I read Incidental Comics by Grant Snider; I particularly liked his newest work: